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    What Is It?

    check CONVENIENT

     Ease the tedious and time-consuming task of coordinating long blocks of staff training.


     Drive results with a vast, on-demand eLearning library that includes guides, workbooks, quizzes, and reports.


     Eliminate organizational tug-of-war over tightly managed budgets with affordable training that supports business goals.

     Immersive and all-inclusive training for every member of your contact center.

    • Smoothly on-board new agents so they can hit the ground running
    • Keep existing agents tuned-up on ever-evolving customer service skills and best practices
    • Provide agile, just-in-time training to newly-promoted supervisors and team leads
    • Improve forecasting and scheduling accuracy with real-time management plans.


    Any time. Any place. Any pace.
    The Online Training pass boasts dozens of role and skill-based online courses:

     Agent Supervisor/Manager
    •  How Contact Centers are Different
    • Planning & Managing in the Contact Center
    • The Agent's Impact on the Contact Center
    • Managing Customer Contacts with Quality
    • Avoiding Escalations
    • Asking Questions Effectively
    • Listening Actively
    • Managing Stress
    • Managing Difficult Customers
    • Contact Center fundamentals
    • Supervising Others
    • Giving Feedback
    • Coaching Agents
    • Motivation through Collaboration
    • Hiring & Onboarding
    • Quality Monitoring Series
    • More than Metrics
    • Quality Monitoring Series
    • Forecasting, Staffing, and Scheduling

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