ICMI Contact Center Expo 

Speaker Presentation Information & Template

Deadlines for Presentations:
Presentations are due Wednesday, April 1, 2020. 

Presentation Template:
Download the ICMI Contact Center Expo Presentation Template, which will be available soon.

Presentation Guidelines

  • Presentation MUST be submitted in 16:9 PowerPoint format – we change format to .pdf for print (see bottom of page)
  • Use event slide template (coming soon) – the TITLE & CLOSING SLIDE must be on the event template provided. The template is optional for all other slides, i.e., you may use your company template for the content slides.
  • 1st Slide = ICMI slide (provided in the template)
  • 2nd Slide = FINAL session title in brochure, speaker name(s),title, company (establish your credibility on topic)
  • 3rd Slide = Session Description or Agenda/Objectives (what you’re presenting/facilitating)
  • Communicate objectives and set the expectation with your audience at the beginning
  • Last Slide – “Thank you for attending this session. Please complete your session evaluation form”
  • Font size on slides = greater than 20 points – we recommend 24 point Calibri or Arial for legibility on the screen
  • # Slides– speaker should be able to address content on one slide in 3 min; otherwise, you may have too much text on the slide, graphs and charts are best on their own slide for visibility from the back of the room
  • Main Sessions = should have no more than 20 slides
  • Workshops = 60 slides MAX
  • Note: ICMI, Title slide, and Closing slide are not included in these assumptions; charts/graphs might add a few)
  • Content - rich educational content – NO sales, marketing or other inappropriate commercial content
  • Please the audience – attendees want to hear your knowledge and solid content.
  • Optional - Include a handout with tangible takeaways that is easy for attendees to implement in their centers 
  • No sales/promotional handouts are to be distributed in the conference areas (including meeting rooms). Sales literature distribution is limited to exhibitor booths only. For more information or to learn about Contact Center Expo sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities, please contact Kelly Reade at Kelly.Reade@ubm.com or download the prospectus.
  • Provide Examples – share facts, case studies, real world scenarios, etc, but refrain from using real names
  • CITE SOURCES – You are responsible for obtaining permission to use copyrighted material, give credit where due

Material Distribution

  • Pre-Conference Workshop – we will provide slide handouts in hard copy format to registered attendees
  • Main Conference Session - file will be converted to pdf and available online to registered attendees holding a standard, deluxe, all-access or PRO pass, as well as distributed at the conference on a USB drive. Attendees will receive the USB drive in their show bag.

Submit Your Presentation:

The presentation submitted to us must be the FINAL version that you will use to present at the conference.

Once you have your final presentation ready to submit, please follow these steps:

  • Name your final with the format of SessionNumber-SessionTitle-LastName.  For longer Session titles, please abbreviate. Example File Name: 103-ScheduleAdhMetrics-Thomsen.ppt
  • If your presentation is a large file, please compress it into a .zip file.
  • Once your presentation is complete, please email it directly to us at ICMIconference@icmi.com.

Standard Audio/ Visual Set

  • (1) Projector and Screen (1024x768)
  • (1) Laptop
  • (1) Wireless Lapel microphone
  • (1) Tabletop microphone
  • (1) Podium & Podium Microphone
  • (1) Flip Chart with markers
  • (1) Direct Box for PC audio
  • Wi-fi in Session Rooms
ADDITIONAL AV equipment may be requested pre-show by submitting this form.

     Please note:

  • No additional AV equipment will be added to a session room on site. 
  • Presentations will be preloaded on computers for Tuesday & Wednesday sessions. However, we recommend that you still Be sure to bring your presentation on a thumb drive as backup.
  • Set-up does not include personal supplies such as masking tape, scissors, poster board, highlighters, glue, etc.
  • All presentations must be PC based. No 35mm slides or overhead transparency presentations are permitted.