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More than Metrics

Course Description

This course will answer a number of questions including: How do you explain the contact center’s performance to your executives and have it be meaningful? How do you explain to an agent that metrics are more than just a number? Which tools and technologies currently exist and how can you best use them? How have emerging channels impacted the contact center?


Course Outline

Module 1: How to Measure What Matters

  • Why do you need metrics?
  • 6 metrics themes
  • The role of metrics in process improvement
  • Two approaches to standards

Module 2: Categories of Metrics

  • What should you measure?
  • Accessibility metrics
  • Quality metrics
  • Efficiency metrics
  • Cost performance metrics
  • Strategic impact metrics

Module 3: Providing Clarity and Defining Success

  • Dashboard design
  • Using metrics to talk about performance
  • Interrelated performance drivers

Module 4: Maximizing Your Tools

  • Contact center technologies and purpose and typical functionality for different types of technologies
  • Questions to ask your vendor
  • Best practices for implementation

Module 5: The Future of Metrics

  • Social customer service metrics
  • Mobile customer service
  • Impact of a new channel on the contact center
  • Integrating a new channel

Who Should Attend
  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Quality Managers

What You Will Learn
  • Which metrics to use and which to avoid
  • How to prevent data overload and unnecessary reporting
  • Establishing relevance and impact from the front lines to the executives
  • Techniques for communicating the center’s value across the organization
  • Measuring metrics relevant to agents in order to have a positive impact on their performance
  • Best practices, system capabilities, and key considerations for serving customers in emerging channels

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Course Duration: 2 Days

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