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Client Site Training

Contact Center Training students learning through ICMI Client Site delivery method

Flexible, Customizable Call Center Training

This scalable and cost-effective option allows you to affordably train as many - or as few - employees as you'd like, while customizing to your precise needs. All courses offer an optimal balance of facilitation, group exercises, case studies, and practical application exercises – vital in supporting a highly retainable, hands-on learning experience.

Benefits of Client-Site Training

We'll Come to Your Location

Call Center Training Wherever You Want


Our team will work with you to find a time that best suits your needs, and send a certified ICMI Trainer right to your location.

Easily Train Large Groups

Train any number of students - icon


Client Site Training presents a great opportunity to train large groups in one sitting - perfect for quickly ramping up skills.

Course Content is Customizable

customizable call center training


This method of training is delivered strictly to your team, so we can the ability to tailor our courses to your specific needs.

How It Works

Bring one or more of ICMI’s instructor-led classroom courses directly to your location or the location of your choosing, and we'll provide provide hands-on training for your team at a time and date that is most convenient for you. In addition, we can also stream live Client Site trainings through our virtual classroom, allowing you to extend the course to multiple sites at once.  At the end of each course, all participants receive a certificate of completion.

Could be the Best Fit If:

  • You have a group of 6 or more participants to train in a concentrated area of expertise
  • You want to train your staff on site, without the downtime or costs associated with out-of-office travel
  • You have a specific time frame in which you’d like the training to take place
  • You’d like your training experience to be tailored to address your specific training objectives


Want a Detailed Proposal?

Get more information on bringing ICMI Training to your call center by calling 800.672.6177 or by filling out the below form.


ICMI Client Site Training brings our industry-leading courses directly to your facility.