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Ready, Set, Social: A Tool to Hit Fast Forward on Social Care

Published: Jul 29, 2016

Pages: 10

Sponsor: Voiance

Use this worksheet to create the framework for developing an award-winning approach to serving customer via social media.

ICMI research indicates that over two-thirds of contact centers acknowledge social media is a necessary customer service channel, yet many are still challenged with where to begin. Even the 41% of centers that support social recognize that the channel is still evolving and that customer and brand expectations don’t always align. That’s why having a sound strategy in place is critical!

To put effective services in place, you’ll need an updated customer access strategy. In this worksheet you will gain access to a quick summary of each of the components, plus a worksheet you can use to hit fast-forward on the evolution of your social customer service. The worksheet was developed by Georgia Adams, the Supervisor of Navy Federal Credit Union’s Social Care Team, the 2016 winner of ICMI’s Global Contact Center Award for Best Social Media Customer Care.

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