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Quality Management in the Contact Center

Published: Nov 10, 2016

Pages: 16


This Tool Kit provides some of the fundamental resources to create an effective quality management program that helps reduce agent costs and improves customer and agent loyalty.You need this!

One of the primary pressures on today’s contact center leader is a mandate for lower costs. The source of much of these costs? The agent. In fact, for some organizations, up to 75% of their total costs are agent costs. This can be a challenging paradox to overcome, as not investing in agent development leads to poor agent performance, high agent frustration, increased turnover and cascading negative impacts to customer satisfaction and loyalty. As many organizations already experience this high agent turnover, however, it’s resulted in leaders who are less willing to invest in agents. It’s a vicious cycle that plays on repeat in contact centers around the world.

But, it doesn’t have to continue.

If organizations want to improve their costs and increase customer and agent loyalty, they need to create a culture of continuous improvement across their agent pool. This means investing not only in developing their best people but also more effectively identifying and aiding their under-performing agents. The key to doing all of this is a comprehensive quality management program.

But, companies need to be thoughtful in how they make their investments. Investing in the wrong tools that are not appropriate to your organization can lead to overpaying for systems that miss your needs or being handcuffed by systems that don’t have the power or flexibility to help you really solve customer issues.

ICMI and 8x8 have partnered on this ICMI Toolkit to provide contact center leaders with some of the fundamental resources that they’ll need to create an effective quality management program.

In this toolkit, we’ll explore:

  • Foundations for Developing a Quality Management Program
  • How-To Guide for Calculating the ROI of Training & Coaching
  • SAFE – A Coaching Framework
  • Tips for Developing a Peer Mentor Program
  • Insider Advice: The Enterprise-Wide Strategic Value of QM

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