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10 Strategies to Build a Future-Forward Contact Center

Published: Apr 25, 2017

Pages: 7


Deliver service with greater efficiency and effectiveness with these 10 tips.

There are many issues competing for the attention of today’s contact center leader. If it’s not improving agent morale and engagement, it’s delivering service with greater efficiency and effectiveness. If it’s not integrating a new technology, it’s ensuring that adequate staffing is available to meet demand. It’s a never-ending, real-time battle that’s best combated by first taking time to step back and strategically plan for the future.  

It’s for that exact reason that ICMI and BoldChat by LogMeIn partnered together to compile this list of the ten strategies to build a future-forward contact center. We’ve gathered industry trends and the latest benchmarks and asked industry thought leaders for their advice on how to best prepare for what’s ahead.

In this strategy guide, we'll explore:

  • The importance of personalization, mobility, and automation to the customer experience
  • How to prepare and deliver on the service expectations of today’s consumers, including Millennials and Gen Z
  • The business advantages of an integrated approach to managing the customer journey
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