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Seizing the Moments - The Insider’s Guide to Perfecting the Customer Journey

Published: Mar 23, 2015

Pages: 13

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Operating a contact center today means navigating a myriad of circumstances, expectations, limitations, and technologies. There isn’t an organization on the planet that doesn’t face problems every single day. But, what are the most common ones facing today’s contact center?

The customer journey is defined by moments, and brands are often defined by how they handle them. Yet a myriad of circumstances, expectations, and technologies undermine the ability for many organizations to seize those moments: the essential moments to delight, the golden moments to shine. But, what are the top inhibitors to delivering a wonderful customer journey, and more importantly, the secrets to perfecting it?

That’s the quest the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) set out to unearth. Surveying hundreds of contact center professionals at leading brands worldwide, ICMI discovered common practices as varied as ‘blindfold driving’ (over 20% of organizations having zero visibility into customer data during interactions) to ‘analysis without data’ (42% do not use contact center data to conduct root cause analysis).

The good news? ICMI has the recommendations to help overcome the challenges afflicting the contact center, as well as identify preventative measures for the future.

The findings in this whitepaper will help contact center decision makers:

  1. Overcome the Top Challenges in the Contact Center
  2. Transform Reactive Customer Service to Proactive
  3. Train Agents for the ‘Moments’ in the Customer Journey
  4. Implement New Technologies with Existing IT Systems
  5. Turn All Data Into Actionable Data

This exploration of the customer journey begins with a simple fact: No Organization Is Perfect. In the midst of our own struggles, however, it may seem as though everyone else is getting things right. The truth of the matter is that even the contact centers that identify themselves as “best in class” have a few things that they wish they could change. From the best to the worst, we dissected the challenges, the strengths, and the opportunities that exist for any organization to perfect their customer’s journey. It came down to five types of moments that happen every day:

  • Moments to Empower
  • Moments to Inspire
  • Moments to Excel
  • Moments to Enlighten
  • Moments to Delight

Your moments of fear, frustration, anger, or confusion can be no more.

We’re giving you the keys to seizing the moments.

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