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Heal Service Phobia: How to Drive Patient Engagement in the Healthcare Industry

Published: Jan 28, 2016

Pages: 25


A transformation to the patient experience is changing the face of healthcare as we know it.


A transformation to the patient experience is changing the face of healthcare and medical devices as we know them.  A rise in patient self-awareness and a mounting desire for access to real-time information is forcing organizations to focus on and better understand the importance of patient engagement.  From before a medical device is even sold through its ongoing service and long-term impact on a patient’s life, those selling, supporting, and serving patients have a direct impact on engagement and satisfaction.

ICMI and Salesforce joined forces to help you connect to the trends and best practices that are shaping the healthcare industry and their impact on the customer engagement landscape.

This MarketPulse will help contact center leaders gain direct insight into:

  • How customer expectations have evolved as a result of increased usage of connected technologies and its direct impact on their healthcare needs and expectations of service.
  • The role of the sales process in identifying the customer’s need and aligning those needs and expectations of the end user with healthcare, devices, and therapies that empowers them with real-time information and guidance.
  • The impact of the customer/patient service experience on long-term engagement and the enablers and detractors of a positive service experience.
  • Why patient engagement matters and how to effectively empower the contact center and support teams with the tools, resources, and insights necessary to drive increased levels of engagement.

ICMI and Salesforce.com will deliver guidance and advice on these key areas and more, in addition to providing training tips, best practice examples, and industry expert advice through this informative MarketPulse.

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