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Driving Customer Loyalty in the Contact Center

Published: Apr 12, 2016

Pages: 10


In this guide, we’ll explore some of the trends that are currently
driving customer service expectations and provide insight,
tips, and advice for leveraging your people, processes, and
technologies to increase customer loyalty in your own contact

Gaining loyal customers is a critical objective for many organizations, as it should be. There is significant research and evidence supporting the fact that loyal customers tend to spend more money, promote the brand to more people, and cost an organization less to retain than the cost of acquiring new customers.

While this may sound easy enough to do, the reality is that maintaining customer loyalty can be incredibly difficult when one considers the people, process, and technology variables that must come together to make it happen.

ICMI and Salesforce.com joined forces to produce this easily-digestible whitepaper developed to help contact center leaders better understand what drives customer loyalty and how it can be achieved in their organization.



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