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Driving Agent Attrition Whitepaper

Published: Jun 14, 2012

Pages: 7

Sponsor: Avaya

There is a clear correlation between agent satisfaction and attrition in the contact center. In order to discover why our agents leave, we must first examine the common processes and issues that affect the agent’s daily life.

In 2012, the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) surveyed 444 contact center professionals to understand the major drivers of external contact center agent attrition. The research examined agent salaries, contact center attrition goals and tools deployed to improve the agent’s daily experience.

Among the key findings of ICMI’s 2012 Contact Center Agent Salary, Retention & Productivity Report, include the revelation that agent salaries are, in reality, not the most important factor in attrition.

Many of the participating contact centers (20.2%) revealed that they are only collecting agent feedback during coaching sessions and some (7.8%) do not conduct agent satisfaction surveys at all.

Agent desktop tools designed to increase agent empowerment, reduce training time and aid in rapid customer contact resolution are not widely deployed.

This whitepaper endeavors to provide a clearer picture around agent satisfaction and retention for customer care and contact center executives, directors, managers and supervisors, in a way that helps them balance the hard numbers of agent attrition and the related (and sometimes harder to define) costs of dissatisfaction at the agent level. 

This whitepaper covers:

  • Attrition: Why agents leave
  • Agent Work Environment: Tools for Improving the Agent Experience and ROI
  • Agent Work Environment: Agent Development and Empowerment
  • Agent Feedback and Satisfaction
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