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Designing the Modern Customer Experience

Published: Sep 27, 2016

Pages: 21

Sponsor: Five9

Download this tool kit and begin a journey that will help you design a better customer experience for today's omnichannel world.

There is a lot of buzz around “omnichannel” and many organizations are frantically trying to understand how to best align their people, processes, and technologies with the expectations of today’s consumer.  This is proving to be quite challenging, as customers are increasingly in control of their own experiences and, as a result, are growing in their expectations of how they think their journey should go.  In response to these changes, some organizations are trying to gain even more control over the customer experience and are only further complicating and frustrating their customers.  ICMI realizes the negative effect that this has on both customers and organizations alike and has developed this Tool Kit to help contact center leaders design better customer experiences in today’s omnichannel world.

In this tool kit, we’ll explore:

  1. How to accurately identify the service expectations of today’s customers
  2. The ways in which organizations overpromise and under deliver on the customer experience
  3. Proven techniques for connecting the customer experience between systems or departments
  4. Best practices for delivering proactive, personalized service
  5. Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of your service delivery across any contact channel

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