The 4 Best Practices of Highly Effective Quality Management and Analytics Programs

Many contact centers believe they have a cohesive, highly integrated quality management program when what they actually have are disparate, disjointed quality management activities that don’t support a discrete goal and don’t cohere into a full-fledged quality management program. A clear vision is the key to maximizing the benefits of a quality management program: start by defining your end state (i.e., what kind of service experience do you want to provide?) and work backwards, selecting metrics, processes, and tools/technologies that will help you deliver the highest possible quality. Customers want a great experience and agents want to provide a great experience: the best quality management programs can satisfy both groups, to the ultimate benefit of the organization.

However, recent research revealed that just 25% of contact center leaders are very satisfied with some or all effects of the impact and influence of their quality management programs.

In this trend report, we’ll explore:

  • People: Engaging Agents in Quality Management.
    • Best practices in quality monitoring, coaching, and training/development
  • Process: Applying Quality Management Across Channels.
    • Extending quality management beyond voice channels
  • Technology: Investing in Analytics and Automation.
    • Investing strategically to improve performance, boost efficiency, save time and money, and alleviate dependency on manual work
  • Strategy: Communicating the Strategic Value of Quality Management.
    • Identifying stakeholders, customizing the message, and delivering information and insights from quality management that elevate the stature of the contact center

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