It Ain't Easy Being a Contact Center

Whether you’ve been working in the contact center for a few days or many years, you know that it isn’t easy to consistently deliver exceptional customer service experiences. To get great service right, you must achieve a delicate balance of people, processes, and technologies; a feat that is just as much an art as it is a science. You and your team must all work diligently because it’s difficult to always get each nuance of great service right.

Within your contact center, you recognize the importance of great customer service experiences, but many of you lack all the tools, resources, and insights to provide the best service possible. In fact, 2015 research from ICMI discovered that 92% of customer service managers thought that their agent’s resources could be more efficient, and 74% acknowledged that company procedures prevented their agents from providing the best customer service experience. This research recently caught the attention of The New York Times, NBC Nightly News, and numerous other media outlets.

At ICMI, we know that most contact centers don’t intentionally engineer ineffective or poor service experiences. What we’ve discovered, however, is that a majority of organizations make intentional decisions about their operations that unintentionally undermine the customer experience. It’s decisions concerning technologies, hiring practices, policies, and procedures, or levels of empowerment, to name a few, that can appear to be wise business decisions yet lead to detrimental customer outcomes. These decisions, while often made beyond the walls of the contact centers, leave the frontline agents exposed and vulnerable to service failures. They make it easy for consumers to villainize the contact center and further complicate an organization's ability to both recover from bad service delivery and sustain long-term improvements. They’re decisions that organizations should make with involvement from the contact center but, you can’t just wait around hoping for someone to ask for your opinion. You must take the first step in positioning your contact center as a strategic asset within the organization.

Providing excellent service isn’t going to get any easier and ICMI’s research found that for the majority of organizations (73%), the complexity of customer contacts is increasing. More channel options, more informed consumers, and multiple systems to manage it all can make a mess for contact center leaders if they don’t have the adequate tools and resources for supporting their demand. Maybe you recognize this already, but you’re not sure where to start the conversations, what recommendations to make, or how to move your team forward. Fortunately for you, this is why ICMI has been around for the past 30 years. We’re here to partner with organizations and leaders like you to help you deliver excellent service to your customers, and there are several ways we can do that:

ICMI Contact Center Training

ICMI offers highly interactive and highly rated contact center instruction for customer care professionals.  We've had the privilege of partnering with over 100,000 customer care professionals worldwide – aiding them in attaining much-needed contact center management knowledge and skills through the Symposiums (Classroom),Client Site, and Online training that we offer. And we are constantly updating and fine tuning our training to keep pace with the trends and challenges in the industry. ICMI training reflects the most current best practices and research.

ICMI Events

Contact center professionals rely on ICMI to deliver the most comprehensive, unbiased, and educational events in the industry. ICMI conference attendees can expect to discover best practices for optimizing the contact center today, and come away with new insight on how to thrive in the years ahead. Our goal is to empower attendees with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to achieve and exceed the expectations of today’s customers. Registration for ICMI’s Contact Center Demo and Conference—the industry’s leading fall event—is now open. Join us this October in Dallas for an inspiring lineup of workshops, keynotes, site tours, and more.

ICMI Resources is the contact center industry’s most comprehensive resource for professional networking, forums, industry news, and career resources. Our online resources include expert articles, customer service case studies, complimentary webinars, e-books, research, tool kits, infographics, and more. We also publish the industry leading newsletter, Contact Center Insider, which arms contact center professionals with the latest in industry news, tools, blog posts, and more. Each Tuesday at 1pm ET, ICMI hosts a live one-hour twitter chat (#ICMIchat) which gives industry professionals the opportunity to network and learn from peers. Our wide array of comprehensive resources is available for customer management professionals – from frontline agents to executives – who wish to improve customer experiences and increase efficiencies at every level of the contact center.

We’re Here to Help

Customer service isn’t becoming easier, and we recognize the challenges today’s contact center leaders face. As the authority on contact center performance excellence, ICMI is here to help! Don’t let a lack of proper tools, resources, and insights prevent your team from providing the best service possible. Leverage our 30 years of knowledge and experience and utilize our trusted training, events, and resources, to put your contact center on the path to service excellence.


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