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Is it Time for a Website Audit?

Note from the editor: Dayna's tip from this week is an important reminder for the customer service community. When was the last time you took a close look at your website? Broken links, and incorrect information can lead to an increase in call volume.  Why frustrate your customers and add to the stress of your center? Put yourself in your customer's shoes and test your website today!

404 RedirectCheck ALL the emails on your website and make sure they work. Or the customer or potential client (me) will go elsewhere. I tried to reach a local women’s shelter over the weekend to set up a free computer center for the women and children they serve. Not one email works on their website. Not one. If an email to reach you or your company is listed anywhere – on your website or another – make sure the email works.

Chief Tipster, Dayna Steele

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