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5 Omnichannel Lessons Learned the Hard Way
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Remember When Mobile Technology Wasn’t Considered Important to Contact Centers?
The rapid evolution of mobile technology has kept contact centers on their toes over the past decade and continues to be a preferred method of communication for many customers, regardless of industry.... Read More

Our People Are Our Future
A few years back, an agent asked me during a busy lunch shift if they could get a glass of water. Yes, you read that right - they asked me if they... Read More

2020 Vision: Contact Center Trends to Watch

Looking Back to See the Future
I was asked by ICMI to take a look back in the last decade to forecast where we will end up in 2020 and beyond. I am a forecaster by trade, and... Read More

I Have a Customer Care Dream
The middle of January always invokes the incomparable “I Have a Dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Today, I’d like to adapt his words just a bit to apply the... Read More

Elevate Your Customer Experience with Omnichannel
The start of a new year—a new decade—is an exciting time. It signals a fresh beginning, the opportunity to let go of what doesn’t work, and evolve and improve what does. Now,... Read More

Meet the 2020 ICMI Featured Contributors
In 2018, we launched the ICMI Featured Contributor program. Each year since, a new roster of featured experts, from a variety of backgrounds, have shared their knowledge to help ICMI educate, inspire,... Read More

Put Us Out of Our Misery: The End of Customer Service Email?
Predicting the death of email may seem risky for a consultant who helps frontline customer service agents improve their writing skills, but I’m here and I’m doing it. Throughout the 2000s and... Read More

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