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#ICMIchat Recap: Mastering the Multichannel Forecast

More channels, more tools, and more processes can all lead to a frustrating experience for agents and customers alike. Luckily, it doesn't have to be that way. Customer service may have evolved a lot in the past ten years, but it doesn't have to be more complicated. Neither does forecasting volume across channels.

Wondering how your peers have mastered the art of the multichannel forecast? Check out this recap from our #ICMIchat this week. You'll find tips, tricks, and insight on tackling WFM in this new age of the contact center.

Join as again next week as we examine another facet of workforce management: hiring. We'll chat about how to write better contact center job descriptions. The conversation kicks off every Tuesday at 1pm EST. Just follow and use the hashtag #ICMIchat on Twitter to participate!


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