Multichannel Contact Center

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Get Your Contact Center Privacy Right: GDPR, CCPA and You
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Reality Check: Most Contact Centers Aren't Really Omnichannel
Even outside of work, we are all familiar with contact centers; they are the places we call when we feel unhappy, confused or annoyed by a brand, or when we need information... Read More

How to Elevate Your Quality Program to Have a Lasting Impact on Customers, Agents, and Your Organization
Today’s contact center leaders are tasked with continual improvement, encompassing everything from bettering agent engagement and CSAT scores to driving organizational changes needed to meet goals. Quality assurance programs can play a... Read More

Back to the Future: How to Align New Technology with Business Needs
The contact center industry is saturated with new technology companies that promise to be the next big thing. Yes, I'm a huge fan of technology, but technological adoption for the sake of... Read More

Considering New Contact Center Technology? Read This First!
At a recent conference, I spoke with many vendors who claim their technology will solve all my problems and brew my morning coffee. Ok, so none of the technology would brew coffee,... Read More

Going Beyond Efficiency to Customer Experience in Your Next Technology Upgrade
The big payoff for the company is leveraging tech for more problem prevention, proactivity and empowerment, not service efficiency. I was recently asked to review a forecast of technology trends and innovations... Read More

Prioritize Your Customer by Prioritizing Your Service Channels
More than any other consumer touchpoint, great customer service has the power to delight. According to a recent global survey, 80% of customers say customer service is as important as a company’s... Read More

The Road to Agent Experience Maturity: A Self-Assessment

My Very Own Crystal Ball: The Four Must-Have Writing Skills for Customer Service Agents of the Future
The future is unknowable and people who gaze at crystal balls to predict it are probably crooks, not clairvoyants. In spite of that, I’m going to have a go at predicting a... Read More

Leadership – and Thinking Differently – in the Contact Center Industry
What qualities do you find valuable in leadership? Humility, influence, and integrity. When people lead with humility, they acknowledge they don’t have all the answers. They take time to listen to the people... Read More

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