The Secret to Delighting Customers in a Digital World

Date: Friday, February 06, 2015

Speakers: Todd Hixson, Steve Jackson


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Learn how WebRTC and the omnichannel experience is changing the way customers think about and interact with our organizations.

Today’s customers have pretty specific expectations, “Service when they want it, how they want it, and without worry once they get it.” While at its root, these expectations may seem straightforward, the exponential growth of the digital world has compounded the complexity of delivering on our customer’s needs.

Organizations must uncover how to provide the most cost efficient experience that maximizes revenue with the resources at hand.  Enter Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC), a technology which is revolutionizing the digital experience.  More specifically, WebRTC is an enabler for reducing customer effort and enhancing the returns from our ecommerce environments.

Watch this complimentary educast to learn how WebRTC and the omnichannel experience is changing the way customers think about and interact with our organizations. 

During this educast ICMI community expert Todd Hixon and Bolder Thinking practitioner Steve Jackson will show you:

  1. The implications of increased usage of browsers as phones
  2. The real-time connection between the online experience and the customer contact
  3. Best practices for integrating voice and the omnichannel experience
  4. The importance of an omnichannel experience to the total customer experience


Todd Hixson

Capacity Planning Manager, Hulu

Todd has been in contact center operations/management for around 20 years, working for Travelocity, Cabelas and Intuit prior to joining Hulu. He has been an out-sourcer, and in-sourcer and an us-sourcer with a belief in efficiency realized using creative scheduling, performance based "right for me" shift bidding, and pushing limits with optimization focusing on delighted customers and engaged employees.

His current projects include capacity planning that relentlessly pursues better ways while ensuring his team “embraces fun.” In all of this, the focus is on the fact that it starts with the customer!

He has driven back-office utilization of WFM practice, multiple channel skill based operations practices, and cross functional "day in the life of WFM" workshops. Todd has served on ICMI's advisory board, consulted in industry standard certification with CIAC and was the recipient of ICMI’s distinguished Life-time Achievement Award in 2018.

Steve Jackson, Bolder Thinking

Steve Jackson

VP, Sales, Bolder Thinking

Steve has more than 20 years of marketing and sales experience, dedicating the past 15 years to the call center space. Prior to joining Bolder Thinking, Steve was Vice-President of the Americas at CosmoCom,  responsible for doubling revenues year-over-year. Prior, Steve served as the Vice-President of Eastern North America at Concerto Software and as Vice-President of North America for Eshare Communications.

Steve also served as Vice-President, General Manager of the Paperclick division of NeoMedia Technologies following successful sales management assignments at Prime Computer, GTE, and Tandem Computers.

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