The Death of the Contact Center

Date: Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Speakers: Chase Clemons, Mike Hennessy


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Most people agree that there is value in good customer self-service. When implemented correctly, self-service can give customers easier access to information, increase overall response rates, and help the contact center deflect inbound inquiries. This saves the customer time and the company money, but what does it do to the live agent? As virtual assistants, proactive responses, and automated bots become more engaging and intuitive, are they also replacing the need for the live agent?

ICMI and IntelliResponse enthusiastically say, "NO"!

In this Educast we discuss how great self-service actually improves the strategic value of the live agent AND increases employee and customer satisfaction. Self-service isn't killing the contact center; self-service is breathing new life into it.

You will hear from ICMI community expert Chase Clemons, who is part of the support team at 37signals, the company behind Basecamp. He feels that you should take the routine and repetitive questions away from an agent's purview, and have them concentrate instead on more complex and challenging customer concerns. By investing holistically in BOTH self-service AND the agent, the customer experience is actually enhanced by not always needing a live person. Here's how:

1. More consistency and accuracy in responses

2. Faster initial responses and more valued escalations

3. The agents are viewed as true experts, and not just as "answering machines"

The IntelliResponse Virtual Agent (VA) technology platform is next generation self-service software that automates the process of delivering answers to customer questions posed across a variety of interaction channels. Mike Hennessy, VP of Marketing for IntelliResponse, will walk us through how to best use this technology for the agent and the customer advantage. The contact center agent is here to stay, and will be better valued, with a little help from self-service.

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Chase Clemons

Founder, Support Ops

Chase is part of the support team at 37signals and the founder of a customer support community at Support Ops - You can connect with him on Twitter - @chaseclemons

Mike Hennessy

Vice President of Marketing, IntelliResponse

Mike is responsible for all aspects of IntelliResponse corporate marketing, including demand generation, brand strategy, corporate messaging, advertising, public relations, and partner marketing.

Previously, Mike was the VP of Marketing and Alliances for Truition, an international retail and manufacturing software provider, where he headed corporate re-branding, partner development, lead generation and market entry strategies for North America and Europe. During his years as a Marketing Communications consultant for a number of world class agencies, Mike managed a client base that included, Dell, The Royal Bank of Canada, Hewlett-Packard and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

Mike holds a Masters in Business Administration from Queen's University, a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Communications from Seneca College and a Bachelor's Degree from Mount Allison University.

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