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ICMI's Top 50 Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter: 2018 Edition

For five years now, ICMI has compiled a list of the top 50 thought leaders to follow on Twitter. In keeping with this now beloved December tradition, we asked members of our community to nominate their favorite thought leaders for the 2018 list. We've tallied the hundred of votes and read through your kind comments, and now we’re thrilled to unveil the new class of honorees!

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations and helped spread the word; and congratulations to everyone who made the top 50! We feel fortunate to be a part of such a smart, passionate, and giving community of professionals!

ICMI Top 50 Thought Leader

If you’re not already, we highly encourage you to find each of these thought leaders on Twitter and follow them. But you don't have to take it from us. In case you're wondering why your peers found these pros worthy of the recognition,  we’ve included comments from the voting process.

Without further ado, we present the 2018 edition of the ICMI Top 50 Thought Leaders to follow on Twitter. This year, the list is sorted in alphabetical order by first name.

ICMI Top 50 Thought Leaders 2018

Adam Toporek |@adamtoporek

“Adam regularly shares content that’s practical. His keynote at ICMI Demo was impressive! He’s not only a wealth of knowledge, but a funny, down-to-earth guy. A must-follow if you work in the service arena.”

Adrian Swinscoe |@adrianswinscoe

“Adrian’s customer service content is always on point. He's leading the way for organizations becoming more customer-centric and financially successful.”

Al Hopper | @AlHopper_

“Al is my go to guy when it comes to twitter and high-quality content around customer service trends! He is also highly engaged when I am looking for insight around customer service topics (very few others are).”

Andrew Gilliam | @ndytg

“Andrew is up and coming in the #CX industry. He's got a great sense of humor and is full of amazing ideas to enhance the customer experience.”

Andrew Neff | @AndrewinContact

"If you’re looking for insightful commentary and resources about technology and customer experience trends that are transforming the contact center world, then Andrew Neff is a must-follow on Twitter. He also regularly shares his expertise as an industry blogger, and through speaking engagements at contact center events."

Annette Franz | @annettefranz

"Her blog, CX Journey, is my go-to resource for anything to do with customer experience. What she doesn’t know about CX isn’t worth knowing."

Becky Roemen | @beckyroemen

"Becky is all about the customer, and her blog 'Tin Cans and String' is a must-read for service leaders, especially. She's also an invaluable help to the CX Accelerator community."

Ben Motteram | @cxpert

"Ben is just a wonderful person and fantastic voice in the industry. He wakes up very early to participate in many ICMI chats and CX chats on twitter! I always look forward to his insights."

Bill Gessert | @billgessert

“Even though Bill is no longer with us, his impact to this community is huge and still felt. He was definitely a thought leader in 2018.”

Bill Quiseng | @billquiseng

"Bill continues to be a force in the contact center industry. Unlike many, he’s the kind of guy who’s actually engaging on social media. You can count on Bill to share great content, but also to participate in industry chats and respond if you reach out to him on Twitter."

Bob Furniss | @bobfurniss

"Bob is an industry icon. In his career he has done everything from starting as a contact center agent to consulting with very large contact center operations. He is extremely knowledgeable! He deserves to be recognized for his contribution to the contact center industry."

Brad Cleveland | @bradcleveland

“Brad is pretty much the face of this industry. We’ve found value in his online courses, quick video tips, and regular newsletter content. We also continue to use his book as guide for our contact center.”

Colin Taylor | @colinsataylor

“Mr. Taylor is one of the most sought-after industry experts for good reason: his experience spans more than 40 years, he has more industry knowledge than anyone I've ever met, and he's always right at the forefront of the latest information in the industry. There isn't a better candidate for the Top 10, let alone the Top 50!”

Dani Apgar | @DaniApgar

“Dani's engagement on Twitter is stellar, most notably for her weekly RapportBoosting video shorts. These tips empower live chat agents and trainers on ways to boost sales conversions through short-form communications.”

Debbie Szumylo | @debbieszumylo

"A passionate CX professional who consistently shares interesting content. Always active in Twitter chats with insights."

Debra Bentson | @theccdoctor

"Debra is brilliant! She understands the WFM world very well and how that impacts employees and customers!"

Doug Sandler | @djdoug

"I love Doug Sandler's Twitter posts and his Nice Guy podcast. He focuses on the human element in CX and shares great information about how to help customers!”

Emilia D’Anzica| @emiliadanzica

"Emilia is passionate about leadership and customer success. She is constantly working to elevate others by sharing her experiences and questioning the norm. Her writing is never a sales pitch, but is focused on helping others."

Erica Marois | @ericamarois

"Erica single-handedly made #icmichat a thing. She continues to curate and share great content and get others involved."

James Dodkins | @jdodkins

“James shares relevant content in a fun and engaging way.”

Jeannie Walters | @jeanniecw

"As pioneer in the industry, Jeannie has spent 20 years teaching leaders to embed customer-focused practices throughout their organizations. On her mission "to create fewer ruined days for customers," she has helped professionals of all kinds connect the dots between customers and executives to create memorable customer experiences and better business outcomes."

Jeff Toister | @toister

“Anytime anything noteworthy happens in the world of customer service, I want to know what Jeff Toister has to say. He's like a voice in my head. Any opinion from Jeff has been well researched, is generally right, and worth listening to.”

Jenny Dempsey | @jennysuedempsey

"Jenny is incredible. To connect with her on social media is to make a friend who deeply cares about your wellbeing. It's fun to watch her pursue the mission of healthier contact centers! There's no one else talking about this like she is on line, she's one of a kind!”

Jeremy Watkin | @jtwatkin

“A well-rounded chap, Jeremy always features relatable and informative articles - whether it is about a life lesson he's learned or contact center software. The guy has devoted his life to learning about customer service and sharing that knowledge. I’m in awe of his output. “

Justin Robbins | @justinmrobbins

"Justin has been relentless in how he shares with the contact center community. Everything he learns, he shares back through his writing and keynotes. Also, he's just an amazingly caring guy!"

Kate Nasser | @katenasser

“Kate’s content is valuable not just for contact center leaders, but for general career and life success. Her focus on kindness is inspiring.”

Katherine Thompson | @KTInnovate

“With criminals targeting the contact center as a gateway to customer date, Katherine's Tweets, speeches and articles are more important than ever!”

Kathleen Peterson | @KMP603

“Kathleen's an expert in contact centers and customer experience. She's forward thinking, thought provoking, and challenges protected rituals of organizations. She pushes enterprises to think strategically and in the best interest of the customer experience in turn, propels the enterprise ahead of competition. She's absolutely a thought leader to follow!”

Katrina Novakovic | @KatNovakovic

“Katrina is constantly sharing trends and practical information about the governance and strategy, people, tools and culture required for businesses to improve their customer experience and employee experience and to meet their business goals.”

Kaye Chapman | @kayejchapman

"Kaye is not only a super cool human, but she makes time to dig into the emotional angle of customer experiences, including that of her team. She's intelligent, kindhearted, and a great person to follow for CX insight."

Leslie O’Flahavan | @leslieO

"Leslie is *the* customer service writing guru. She often shares helpful advice."

Marsha Collier | @marshacollier

"I've followed her and shared with her for years. She's got insights on CustServ & CX, but also covers larger topics."

Mary Drumond | @drumondmary

"Mary's Voices of CX podcast is a brilliant resource, and she's been a fantastic member of the CX Accelerator community, sharing her experience and knowledge to help others up their CX game."

Matt Beckwith | @mattbikewith

“Matt has a kind heart and a sharp mind for customer experiences.”

Michael Pace | @micpace

"Mike is always sharing terrific content, and he genuinely wants to help people in our industry.”

Mike Aoki | @mikeaoki

"Have followed each other for years. More than most, he's an expert in real agent training, and how to get the most out of them quickly. Knowing that agent turnover is high, motivating them is key, and he's been an expert at that for years. His tweets reflect that."

Nate Brown | @CustomerIsFirst

“Hands down, the greatest resource in our community. Very giving of knowledge and a master connector of people! Nate started #CXAccelerator in the last year, a fast-growing community of CX Professionals. It's been fun to watch as he continues to connect and inspire folks in the CX and contact center community.”

Pat Perdue | @PatPerdue

"Pat Perdue is the host of the Customer Experience Podcast, a popular program that explores the CX World."

Patrick Russell | @Patrick_SaaS

"We attended Patrick’s presentations at ICMI Demo and ICMI Expo this year. He was such a great speaker and provided truly valuable and usable insights. We have implemented several practices in our contact center that he introduced us to. A++”

Peter Gregg | @pfgregg

“This guy knows his stuff. Really deep - not just surface theory. Has shared innovative problem solving that has helped many of us.”

Rowan Trollope | @RowanTrollope

“Rowan is passionate about how digital transformation revolutionizes the way we communicate, in particular how organizations bring personalized experiences to their customers. Rowan is a recognized Silicon Valley leader and has a depth of experience in software solutions and cloud innovation. He is a self-proclaimed geek, an experienced speaker and social media enthusiast.”

Russell Lolacher | @russlol

“Russel Lolacher is one of my favourite Twitter CX experts to follow. He is constantly posting great information about social customer care. He is also frequently quoted in media articles about CX!”

Sean Hawkins | @SeanBHawkins

“I believe Sean is a true call center leader. His positive messages are really needed, and his thoughts on employee development are ground breaking.”

Shep Hyken | @hyken

"He's clearly a leader in our sector. We've followed each other for years. I like his mix on insights and humor and his daily news reports that assemble CCTR and CustServ insights from other leaders. I catch that regularly."

Sheri Kendall-duPont | @sherikendall

“Sheri is so very knowledgeable when it comes to training in a contact center, and she is a great resource on twitter! Sheri has a heart of gold. You can tell she puts love into all that she does.”

Steve Digioia | @stevedigioia

“He is extremely relatable and very wise. He really knows what he’s talking about!”

Sue Duris | @sueduris

"Sue hosts #CXChat on Twitter each week and provides consistent and original content on many other platforms. She also travels and speaks #CX internationally. A little under the radar but very worthy of a nomination!"

Susan Hash | @susanhash

"Susan Hash is the editor of Contact Center Pipeline magazine. She also writes - and Tweets - about great customer service. Her stories cover cutting edge developments in the contact center world."

Teresa Allen | @teresaallen

“She regularly shares useful posts on variety of topics that contact center leaders should care about. I like her common-sense approach.”

Tricia Morris | @triciaemorris

"Tricia produces and shares content that is informative and useful, and connects customer service and CX to data and digital transformation, which is so important for today's brands."