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ICMI's Top 18 Articles of 2018

The end of the year is a perfect time to reflect on the past while looking forward to the future. When we think of our favorite 2018 memories, we're filled with pride! We're proud of the ICMI Customer Experience Movers & Shakers, the ICMI Global Contact Center Award Winners, and all of the speakers and contributors who shared their expertise to help you better your serve your customers.

In keeping with tradition, we also took a walk down memory lane and crunched some numbers to compile a list of our most popular articles from 2018, ranked by the number of unique views. If you missed them the first time around, we hope you'll read them now and find a few tips that will help your team success in 2019.

Enjoy! Happy Holidays from everyone at ICMI.

ICMI Top 18 Articles of 2018 

ICMI's Top 18 Articles of 2018

1.    5 Contact Center Training Trends to Watch in 2018 by Rachel Saltsgaver

In this article, Rachel Saltsgaver shared five training trends to watch-and consider implementing-for a successful 2018. If you didn't get around to applying these techniques in 2018, add them to your 2019 plans.

2.    How Customer Service Must Adapt to the Largest Consumer Segment: Millennials by Andrew Neff

Millennials have now overtaken Boomers as the largest group of consumers in the United States. How will this shift impact the world of customer experience? Andrew Neff shared five strategies brands should consider to better engage with Millennial customers.

3.    How to Motivate Contact Center Agents (Hint: It's Not About Pizza or Gift Cards) by Leslie O'Flahavan

When it comes to motivating agents, Leslie O'Flahavan and Jenny Dempsey's #FreeToHelp survey feedback gives managers a few clear steps to follow.  Find out what your agents say they need to feel motivated at work.

4.    How to Write Excellent Social Media Responses to Customers by Leslie O'Flahavan

Want to improve your social media customer service? Leslie O'Flahavan says you must ensure that frontline agents who respond to customers in these channels have social-media-specific writing skills. Keep reading to learn how you can better train your social media team.

5.    10 Knowledge Management Best Practices That Lead to Success by Pete McGarahan

How can you use knowledge to better support your customers? How will you know if you're successful in achieving that goal? KCS expert Pete McGarahan explains.

6.    A Solution to Contact Center Attendance Problems by Jeremy Hyde

Is your disciplinary approach for addressing absenteeism making the problem worse? In this article, Jeremy Hyde offers up an alternate solution.

7.    5 Coaching Techniques That Will Move the Needle by Jeremy Watkin

A coaching process where you effectively connect and partner with agents in their improvement is a major key to success. In this article, Jeremy Watkin shared five techniques to keep the needle moving in the right direction.

8.    5 Priceless (and Free) Ways to Provide Employee Recognition by Bill Gessert

Looking for new ways to recognize your employees for a job well done? In this article, the late Bill Gessert shared five Gallup Research backed practices.

9.    Rethinking Traditional Contact Center Quality Monitoring by Matt Beckwith

Is it time to update your agent scorecards? You may want to after you read this article by Matt Beckwith. Otherwise, you may be driving the wrong behaviors.

10.    Measuring the Effectiveness of Training by Evan Watson and Sharon Bledsoe

What's the best way to measure the ROI of training? It's one of the top questions we receive. In this article, Evan Watson and Sharon Bledsoe offer practical advice for addressing a timeless challenge.

11.    Trust Destructors: The Top 5 Ways to Ruin Engagement with Your Coaching Practices by Melissa Pollock

It's hard to be direct and courageous when it comes to discussing peoples' work behaviors, and there are several ways we can fail at it miserably! Melissa Pollock shared practical advice you can use to improve the effectiveness of your coaching process. 

12.    How to Maximize Contact Center Agent Productivity by Rachel Saltsgaver

Wouldn't we all like to be more productive? If your your contact center is expected to do more with less, keep reading. Rachel Saltsgaver shared practical ways you can boost agent performance.

13.    7 Ways to Improve Schedule Adherence by Brad Cleveland

Schedule adherence can be a tricky metric to manage--even for seasoned professionals. Find out what Brad Cleveland recommends.

14.    5 Ways Leaders Can Inspire a Culture of Service by Jeremy Watkin

If you want to deliver award-winning customer service, you have to build a culture of service. Jeremy Watkin shared five traits of customer-centric teams.

15.    Training Metrics That Matter by Sheri Kendall-duPont

When it comes to contact center training, Sheri Kendall-duPont says you should begin with the end in mind. Use the evaluation tool she outlined in this article to measure the metrics that matter and revolutionize training in your contact center.

16.    The Top Three Motivators for Any Generation by Nate Brown

Do you know the absolute best ways to motivate your employees?  As Leslie O'Flahavan's top 18 post revealed, it has nothing at all to do with pizza or gift cards.  Based on insights from Primed to Perform by Lindsay McGregor and Neel Doshi, this article by Nate Brown reveals the top three motivators known to humankind!

17.    3 Telltale Signs Your Contact Center Culture is Unhealthy by Chris Edmonds

Is it time to focus on culture improvements? According to Chris Edmonds, these are the warning signs of an unhealthy culture. Find out how to spot them and get things back on track.

18.    How to Make Performance Metrics Truly Matter by Matt Beckwith

Matt Beckwith says it's time to stop using AHT and Adherence as team member performance metrics. Find out why and learn how you can do it.