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Group Registration

Get the Maximum Benefit - Send a Team!

There are so many ways that attending an educational/networking industry event as a team can be beneficial for your organization. Here are just a few:

  • Cover all your bases. Meet prior to the conference and devise a strategy to cover the most applicable sessions.
  • Develop skill sets together as a team.. Expand the expertise of your team from people management, to coaching, to C-level leadership.
  • Explore exhibitor solutions together. Evaluate technology with the input of multiple stakeholders.
  • Recognize your team’s outstanding performance. Show them your appreciation and your commitment to their professional development.
  • Wrap a strategy and planning session around the conference.. Your team will return with fresh ideas they can develop into immediately actionable next steps.
  • Bond as a team. Share this professional experience away from the office and develop a common bond.

Best pricing when 3 or more attend! 

3-5 attendees receive a 20% discount

6-10 attendees receive a 30% discount

11+ attendees receive a 40% discount

*Discount is taken from current pricing and cannot be combined with promotional offers.



To Register Your Team

To Register Your Team, please call our customer care team at 415-947-6967. All group registrations must be submitted from the same company, within 24 hours of one another. Questions? Please call 866.535.9002 or 415-947-6967 or email Thank you.


   © 2019 Informa PLC, All Rights Reserved.

   © 2019 Informa PLC, All Rights Reserved.