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Do you participate in our weekly Twitter chat? This is the place to continue the conversations, network with fellow chatters, and find recaps, topics and questions for upcoming chats.

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Posts: 14

Posts: 14
We're just two weeks away from Contact Center Expo & Conference in Long Beach, CA and I could not be more excited!

We have an awesome event planned and I'm using this week's #ICMIchat to share some insider tips and discuss topics that appear on this year's program. If you have not yet signed up to attend the conference, it isn't too late. You can learn more by visiting http://www.icmi.com/ccexpo

Join us at 1pm ET as we explore these questions and much more!

Q1: What ideas do you have on how to create a customer-focused #culture? #ICMIchat #CCExpo16

Q2: What's preventing organizations today from providing the best possible customer experience? #ICMIchat #CCExpo16

Q3: Have you mapped your customer's journey? If so, how has it helped your organization? If not, why? #ICMIchat #CCExpo16

Q4: What do you think best in class #cctr leaders do to differentiate themselves from their competition? #ICMIchat #CCExpo16

Q5: What tips & advice do you have for making the most of the networking events? http://ubm.io/1VUybaQ #ICMIchat #CCExpo16

Q6: How should attendees prepare for the week to ensure that they walk away with the greatest value from the conference? #ICMIchat #CCExpo16

Q7: For my conference veterans: What is your #1 piece of advice for someone who will be attending #CCExpo16? #ICMIchat
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