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i saw this annual attrition rate computation here: annualized = month attrition/average headcount (all Mondays for the month)*12/current month. Does the month attrition here mean the current month's attrition? What if I have a monthly attrition, monthly attrition rate and average headcount monthly..how do I compute for the annual attrition rate?

- Paul, Accenture
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Hi Paul!

Calculating annualized attrition is tricky! To be consistent with how we present data to our board on attrition, here's what our HR/Finance team has us using(you can use this for any time period; we do it for a rolling 12-month period):

Take the number of people who have left the department during that period and divide it by the average number of staff employed in the department for the same time period. This gives you your attrition rate.

For example: Let's say during the last months, we had 13 people leave the department (either moving to other departments or leaving the company). Let's also assume that our headcount 12 months ago was 84, and that our headcount at the end of last month was 143. This means we had an average of 113.5 staff during that 12-month period. I then divide the number who left (13) by the average (113.5) and my annualized attrition over the past 12 months is 11.5%.

Hopefully this helps!

- Larry Streeter
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Does anyone have an annualized attrition report template that you can send me?

Please advise.

- Lorenzo Rodriguez
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