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Referring to comments #9 and #10:

As a consumer, not a call center employee, I find that if the CSR tells me that he/she is reviewing the account, etc., that is sufficient. AT&T Wireless has a way of placing the customer "sort of" on hold, where the rep can hear any question or comment I may have, but it is silent from their end. That works for me.

The comment about absolutely avoiding dead time is wrong. I don't want to hear a commercial about upcoming events (Time Warner Cable?) or any other feature that the company thinks I may want to hear about. I like to sometimes just relax while my concerns are being addressed. If something is always playing in my ear, it may take a moment for me to realize that the CSR is back. No more commercials.

- B Lasher
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Dead-air is inevitable without a seamless system and in my environment of sportswear for enthusiasts we can fill voids with simple questions. We can either ask 'what do you like about the item?' on orders, or 'what don't you like about the item?' on returns. It's a great way to engage and learn.

- Myron Wong
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