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I work in an answering service and often find it hard to get new CSR's to put callers on hold. All calls are answered live, so you might be in the middle of taking a message and have to put that person on hold to answer the next call and you might not be the CSR that gets that person back. What are some good ways to ask the customer to hold? Especially when you have someone that won't let you get in a word without interupting them, which I think is rude.

- Amanda, AnswerLive Teleservices
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Hi Amanda,

The best way to ask your customers to hold is to actually ask - and wait for their response. Simply saying "Please hold" or "Will you hold" and then placing them on hold without a response is not a practice that results in happy callers. If it's necessary to interrupt the caller, the CSR should say something to the effect of, "I'm sorry to interrupt you, may I place you on hold for a moment?" - and then wait to make sure that the customer is agreeable to waiting.

That being said, I have concerns about what sounds like a general practice of needing to answer the next call prior to completing the one that CSRs are already on. In addition, after being placed on hold, if your callers are then greeted by a different CSR and need to re-state their message, that is likely to cause a great deal of frustration, which could potentially have a negative impact on your clients' satisfaction, too. Hopefully these are not frequent occurences in your center, but answering all calls live (I assume you mean there is no queue) certainly presents challenges due to the nature of random incoming call arrival. Without a queue to hold calls when a CSR is not available, staffing and understanding the patterns of your call volume is critical. Having the right number of people taking calls at the right times is the best way to reduce the need to put that customer on hold and take that next call.

Hope that helps. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

- Lesley Vereen
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Here's a few responses agents can use for placing clients on hold:

"Mr./Mrs.________ may I place you on hold while I ________?"

"While I _____________, may I place you on hold?"

"I'm sorry for the interruption Mr./Mrs._________, but may I place you on hold while I ____________?"

- Angie K.
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"In order to help you better, may I put your call on hold?"

- Paresh R, Reliance Communications
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According to me whenever you place a member on hold, things that you need to take care of are:

1. Specify the time limit as to how long would you place him\her on hold. For example, "May I place you on hold for about 2 minutes?"

2. Most important, specify why are you placing the member on hold so they know why you need that time. For example, "May I place you on hold for about 2 minutes while I do a quick research on this issue?"

- Rajwinder Kaur, Stream APAC
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Dear peer,

Below you will find the recommended steps of putting a caller on hold:

1. Ask the caller's permission to be placed on hold.

2. Thank the caller and then place on hold.

3. When you're back, ensure the caller is still there by using their name. ("Mr. Luther?")

4. Thank them for holding and resume the conversation.

By the way, if the wait time is long, check back in during the hold to let the caller know you haven't forgotten about him/her.

- Stanley Philippe, Data Vimenca
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Hold Procedure involves three elements:

Time frame

Example: May I place you on hold for the next 2-3 minutes so that I can research on this issue ?

- Atul Shetty, ECW
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You may want to try the following steps, as they work best:

1. Ask permission (requires a "yes" or the like)
2. Provide a timeframe for how long the customer may be on hold (get back and update the customer when you need more time)
3. Give the reason for putting them on hold
4. Thank them for holding

Example: "Mr. Smith, may I please put you on hold for a minute or two to look into the details of your account?"

"Hello Mr. Smith, thank you for patiently waiting..."

- Jo-joe, Transcom Asia
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