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I am a supervisor in a 120-seat call center with 19 CSRs reporting to me. I would like information from other supervisors regarding quality review and quality coaching of CSRs. We have four call coaches who review four remotely taped phone calls each month for each CSR. These calls are reviewed in a coaching session. It is the intent that the coach work with the CSR to analyze good points and opportunities and to set goals for improvement. The scores on these calls are recorded as a part of that CSR's monthly performance. In addition, each supervisor coaches the CSRs on their team through one or two side-by-side coaching sessions each month. The number of side-by-sides to be held is dependent on the previous three months' call scores. I find that side-by-side coaching sessions of senior, experienced CSRs are not helpful. The senior CSR adopts behaviors and performance for my benefit that might not be a true representation of their performance when I am not sitting side by side. I would prefer to listen to the call without the CSR's knowledge and provide instant, non-recorded feedback. Do other supervisors perform the same type of side-by-side coaching? Is there something I am missing to make these sessions more helpful for senior, experienced CSRs? Are other supervisors listening to calls and providing instant feedback and do they find that helpful? I find this process very helpful with my new employees, but of very limited benefit to others. All feedback will be appreciated.

- Ann Hott, Prudential Insurance
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