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Posts: 115

Posts: 115
Hi, everyone!

This week we'll be chatting about a quintessential contact center topic: metrics. More, specifically, some of the common metrics mistake contact center managers make.

Here are the mistakes:
  • Mistake # 1: Measuring too much & acting on too little. AKA drowning in data
  • Mistake #2: Burying reports, not sharing results with the organization
  • Mistake #3: Running the contact center based on averages
  • Mistake #4: Spending lots of time on forecasting but ignoring schedule adherence
  • Mistake #5: Burning out agents with lofty occupancy rate goals
  • Mistake #6: Measuring CSAT, but not Employee Satisfaction (ESAT)
  • Mistake #7: Not measuring ESAT frequently enough

And here are the questions we'll tackle:

Q1: What's one metric you would like to remove from the dashboard? Why?

Q2: What's one metric you'd like to act on more intentionally? Why?

Q3: How do you share your team's successes and challenges with the rest of the organization?

Q4: What's the best way to personalize performance management and play to agent's strengths & weaknesses?

Q5: What's the best way to manage schedule adherence? Who should be in charge?

Q6: What's a realistic occupancy rate goal? What's the best way to utilize off call/contact time?

Q7: What are some simple ways to measure and act on ESAT?

Q8: How often should contact centers field employee satisfaction surveys? Who should own the execution & follow-up?

The conversation starts at 1:00 ET. Hope to see you on Twitter using the hashtag #ICMIchat!

Erica Strother Marois
Community Strategist, ICMI
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