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Posts: 115

Posts: 115
Hi, everyone!

Please join me today at 1:00 ET for our final #ICMIchat of 2017! For the second week in a row, we let the community select today's topic via a Twitter poll. The clear winner? Coaching vs Monitoring.

Here are the questions we'll cover:

Q1: How do you define quality monitoring?
Q2: As it relates to the contact center, how do you define coaching?
Q3: Who should conduct agent coaching sessions?
Q4: Should coaching be part of the quality monitoring process, separate, or both? Why?
Q5: What are some ways to have more meaningful coaching conversations?
Q6: How can contact center leaders remove some of the fear/paranoia that agents feel about the monitoring process?
Q7: What are the keys to developing an effective and sustainable contact center coaching model?
Q8: What's the best way to tackle performance issues? Do you have any advice for guiding defensive agents down the path to improvement?

Erica Strother Marois
Community Strategist, ICMI
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