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Posts: 99

Posts: 99
Hello, contact center friends!

I know attrition is one of your top challenges, so I'm looking forward to discussing solutions today. Here are the questions we'll cover in our chat:

Q1: On a scale from 1 (no problem) to 10 (significant problem), how big of a challenge is attrition in your contact center?
Q2: Do you measure & report on employee engagement? How?
Q3: What do you see as the biggest drivers of employee engagement?
Q4: What are the top reasons contact center agents decide to leave?
Q5: What are some practical ways to reduce agent turnover?
Q6: Does your contact center have a rewards and recognition program in place? Why/why not?
Q7: What are some low-cost hacks any contact center can use to boost agent engagement?
Q8: What's one simple change you can implement in the next 60 days to make your agents' lives easier? Welcome to EditPad.org - your online plain text editor. Enter or paste your text here. To download and save it, click on the button below.

As always, the conversation starts at 1:00 ET. Just use and follow #ICMIchat on Twitter to join us. We welcome all newcomers, so please invite a friend!

Erica Strother Marois
Community Strategist, ICMI
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