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Posts: 92

Posts: 92
In light of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, and the numerous natural disasters that have impacted our community members over the last few months, we thought it would be a good time to discuss crisis planning and recovery.

Please join us today at 1:00 ET. Come ready to share your experiences, advice, and encouragement.

Here are the questions we'll cover:

Q1: Does your contact center have a crisis plan in place? #ICMIchat
Q2: Who within the company should be involved in crisis recovery planning? #ICMIchat
Q3: What are some potential system vulnerabilities contact centers should be prepared to deal with during an emergency? #ICMIchat
Q4: What role should social media play in crisis communication? #ICMIchat
Q5: How do you train agents to respond with empathy and efficiency during stressful times for customers? #ICMIchat
Q6: From an emotional wellbeing perspective, how can leaders best help employees recover from the fallout of crises? #ICMIchat
Q7: Has your contact center ever experienced a crisis/emergency? What did you learn? #ICMIchat
Q8: What words of encouragement would you offer for our #cctr firiends who have recently been impacted by crisis? #ICMIchat

Erica Strother Marois
Community Strategist, ICMI
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