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This post is all about IEE citations because I have observed that people are generally confused about it. The IEEE citation style is generally used in electrical, electronic, but you can use it according to your requirements as well. IEEE provides orders for authors for each type of magazines such as journals, magazines, newsletters, and standards.
For citing, insert the citation number at the related location in the text before any punctuation. There should be a solitary space before the initial four-sided bracket while writing the citation. If a citation seems multiple times in the text, use the same citation number from the first example.
IEEE is a numbered style with two components:
In-text references where references are numbered [1] in the order of appearance in the article.
A reference list is written at the end of the article which provides full details of all orientations cited in-text. The references are ordered as they appear in the in-text references (in order of citation, not in arranged order).
There are varieties of the IEEE citation style. Examples of these references (diaries, and letters, case studies and research papers) can be found in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers site.
In-content references
Using this framework, references are numbered in the order in which they are first referred to in the content. In case that a similar reference is referred to later in the content, a similar number is given.
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