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Do you participate in our weekly Twitter chat? This is the place to continue the conversations, network with fellow chatters, and find recaps, topics and questions for upcoming chats.

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Posts: 95

Posts: 95
Are you noticing a dropoff in team productivity now that the lazy days of summer are here? Maybe you're even struggling to stay focused, too? If so, join us tomorrow for a chat that's all about motivation! We'll brainstorm tips to boost productivity, engagement, and more. Here are the questions:

Q1: What are some of the most common causes of distraction in your office/contact center?
Q2: How do you help your employees feel alert & productive throughout the workday?
Q3: Does your team ever use gamification techniques? Why/why not?
Q4: Bonus & Incentive Programs--good idea or bad idea? Why?
Q5: Contact center work can feel monotonous. What are some ways to keep agents challenged?
Q6: Recognition rituals can be powerful. What unique rituals does your team practice?
Q7: What motivates YOU to stay productive at work?

As always, the conversation starts at 1:00. Friends and coworkers are welcome! Just use your favorite Twitter tool to follow the hashtag (#ICMIchat)

Chat with you soon!

Erica Strother Marois
Community Strategist, ICMI
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