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Posts: 102

Posts: 102
Hi, all!

It's time for another #ICMIchat. Today we'll discuss a few common myths and misconceptions about life in the contact center. As always, the conversation starts at 1:00 ET. Please feel free to invite a friend or coworker!

Here are the questions we'll cover:

Q1: True or false: no one wants to use the phone anymore. Have you seen a change in call volume?
Q2: Myth: working in a #cctr is a mindless job. From your experience, why is this not the case?
Q3: Many orgs still see the #cctr as a cost center. How can the contact center drive value for the business?
Q4: Myth: agents don't care about customers. What are some ways your team goes above and beyond to serve customers?
Q5: Myth: being a contact center agent is a dead-end job. How does your team encourage career development?
Q6: What are some ways to bridge the gap between marketing and the contact center?
Q7: What's one thing you wish your friends, family, or customers knew about your job?
Q8: What topic would you like us to cover in a future chat?
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