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Posts: 1
Hi all, I work for a fairly large employer in the service industry and we recently consolidated all of our customer service centers (CRC's) into 3 large call centers (in the U.S.). Since this is fairly new to our company, we're struggling with forecasting the amount of headcount needed to manage the centers. We'll have roughly 1000 customer service reps spread evenly across all 3 centers.
We're attempting to figure out how many people we need to hire in each of the call centers. Assuming we'd have 1000 customer service reps, how many of each job function do you recommend having? I listed the following job functions we're posting. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
(1) Supervisors

(2) Managers
(3) Knowledge Management Analyst
(4) Workforce Analyst
(5) Reporting Analyst
(6) Online Specialist
(7) Escalation Specialist
(8) Customer Credit Specialist
(9) Customer Data Specialist
(10) Trainers - people actually on-boarding the rep's


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