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Posts: 88

Posts: 88
Hi, friends!

I'll be your host again today. Our topic: millennials (and their impact on evolving customer expectations).

Check out these articles if you'd like a little pre-reading:
Here are the questions we'll cover:

Q1: Most millennials are tech natives. How can companies prepare now to meet the needs of customers 5-10 years from now? #ICMIchat

Q2: Studies show millennials value authenticity. How can the contact center foster more authentic interactions with customers? #ICMIchat

Q3: What's driving a desire for choice & customized experiences? Millennials? Tech? Something else? #ICMIchat

Q4: Millennials seek out opportunities for experiences vs transactions. How should customer service evolve with this trend in mind? #ICMIchat

Q5: Millennials value peer recommendations. What are some ways to encourage customers to become your best advocates? #ICMIchat

Q6: Do you believe millennials have different career expectations than previous generations? Why or why not? #ICMIchat

Q7: What's the better practice: Prepare your #cctr to serve a specific generation or prepare to uniquely serve each customer? Why? #ICMIchat
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