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Posts: 102
Hi, friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I'm excited to be your host again today for #ICMIchat. Today's topic: will robots replace agents? Let's discuss the impact that automation and emerging technology will continue to have on the contact center. Here are today's questions:

Q1: As a customer, how does automated customer service make you feel? #ICMIchat
Q2: Does your company automate any aspects of service? How well does it work? #ICMIchat
Q3: What can contact centers do to improve the IVR experience for customers? #ICMIchat
Q4: Which types of service interactions are best suited for self-service or automation? #ICMIchat
Q5: More restaurants, airlines & hotels are moving towards a mostly self-service model. Good idea or bad idea? Why? #ICMIchat
Q6: Does increased automation change the job description for frontline employees? How so? #ICMIchat
Q7: Some experts believe virtual agents will eventually replace live agents. Do you think this is feasible? #ICMIchat

Please invite a friend and join us today at 10am PT/ 1pm ET :)
Chat with you soon!

Erica Strother Marois
Community Strategist, ICMI
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