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Posts: 14

Posts: 14
This week on #ICMIchat we revisit the popular topic of new channel implementations. Let's take a look at the channels you'll be supporting in 2017, your strategies for doing so, and insights for overcoming the challenges you could face along the way.

I'll be your host as we unpack the following questions:

Q1: What's your channel of choice when you need to contact a company?

Q2: Is there a channel or channels that you wish more companies supported? If so, what & why?

Q3: What new channel(s) will your #contactcenter add in 2017?

Q4: For what reasons do you plan to add a new channel?

Q5: How will you measure the utilization & success of the new channel?

Q6: What challenges did you face with past new channel implementations?

Q7: How has technology prevented or enabled your new channel implementations?

Q8: What other advice do you have for implementing a new channel into the contact center?
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