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Do you participate in our weekly Twitter chat? This is the place to continue the conversations, network with fellow chatters, and find recaps, topics and questions for upcoming chats.

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Posts: 102

Posts: 102
We're happy to have Jeremy Hyde (@JeremyHyde_) as our guest host for #ICMIchat tomorrow! As always, we hope you'll join us at 1pm ET (and invite a friend).

Last week discussed employee satisfaction, this week we're switching gears a bit. Our topic: Measuring & Improving Customer Satisfaction.

Here are the questions we'll cover:

Q1: How do you define customer satisfaction? Is it different from delight? #ICMIchat
Q2: Which metrics do you use to gauge customer satisfaction? How did you choose them? #ICMIchat
Q3: What’s the best way to interpret & use satisfaction data to improve the customer experience? #ICMIchat
Q4: What are the components of a great customer satisfaction survey? How/where/when should you field it? #ICMIchat
Q5: What are some non-traditional questions you’ve used/ would like to use on customer satisfaction surveys? #ICMIchat
Q6: How do you build a customer-centric culture?

Chat soon!

Erica Strother Marois
Community Strategist, ICMI
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