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Posts: 99
Hey, guys!

I'm excited to be back from #ICMIchat tomorrow and even more excited that Jeremy Watkin will be our host.

Here are our questions:

Q1: What's the purpose of your quality program? Internal compliance? Performance management? Something else?
Q2: What metrics does your contact center use to measure the quality of service that's provided?
Q3: What challenges do you face in measuring & affecting the quality in your contact center?
Q4: If you record contacts, how many are scored and coached per agent per month? Does the same person score & coach?
Q5: Do you consistently measure quality across different channels or contact types? If yes, are the forms the same or different?
Q6: Do you currently (or want to in the future) leverage analytics to measure the quality of contacts? What are the advantages?

Chat with you all soon :)

Erica Strother Marois
Community Strategist, ICMI
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