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Posts: 14

Posts: 14
We're exploring What Metrics Matter Most on today's #ICMIchat. Join me as I lead us in a discussion of the following questions:

Q1: What metrics do you consider as the most important in your contact center? Why? #ICMIchat

Q2: How does your contact center determine which metrics are Key Performance Indicators? (KPIs) #ICMIchat

Q3: What barriers do you face in meeting or improving on your KPIs? #ICMIchat

Q4: Are you planning to introduce any new metrics in the near future? If not, do you wish you could? #ICMIchat

Q5: Are there certain metrics that you wish you could stop measuring? If so, what & why? #ICMIchat

Q6: What advice do you have for getting agents & supervisors to buy into the metrics that matter most? #ICMIchat
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