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6/28: Bridging the Workplace Generational Gap Messages in this topic - RSS

Posts: 14

Posts: 14
Hi Everyone!

I'll be hosting our final #ICMIchat for the month of June and I'm excited to be discussing the topic of generations in the workplace. Here are the questions for today's conversation. I hope you plan to join us at 1pm ET.

Q1: Which generation are you part of, and how do you feel about the way your generation is typically portrayed?

Q2: What are some common negative stereotypes about millennials?

Q3: What are some common negative stereotypes about baby boomers?

Q4: How much do generational bias impact productivity and morale? Has it impacted your #cctr?

Q5: What are some proactive ways leaders can prevent generational conflict at work?

Q6: What are some ways to embrace generational differences and use them to your organization’s advantage?

Q7: What are the things that truly motivate employees, regardless of generation?
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