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Culture as a Catalyst for Success – Delivering an Elevated Experience

Born Digital: New Expectations for Customer Service

Wednesday, May 9th at 10:30AM, Pacific Time

David Kellogg, Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Service Cloud,

Tim Rondeau, Senior Director of Customer Care, Activison

Eighty-six percent of customers say that they will go elsewhere if they have just one bad customer experience. Learn how Tim Rondeau, Senior Director at Activision, works with to serve millions of gamers. Many of his most important customers were "born digital" - a generation of gamers who grew up online. They don’t pick up the phone and call. This modern generation of customers live on forums, tweet their complaints, and post gameplay videos on YouTube. Come see how Activision has learned to help customers in the places where they live.

Leadership Lessons to Guide You Up the Ladder

Wednesday, May 9th at 11:30AM, Pacific Time

David Cottrell, Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Leadership Expert, Professional Speaker

What would be the impact on your organization and your business if every one of your leaders spent dedicated time with a mentor? Now they can. In this program based on his best-selling books Monday Morning Mentoring and Monday Morning Leadership, David delivers 10 key success principles that equip leaders to confront and overcome their daily “people” challenges.

Interview with Brad Cleveland, author of Call Center Management on Fast Forward:Succeeding in the New Era of Customer Relationships

Wednesday, May 9th at 12:15PM, Pacific Time

Brad Cleveland, Sr. Advisor, ICMI

As the contact industry continues to grow, along with customer and corporate demands for service delivery, it's more important than ever that the contact center perform at the highest level. In this interview, ICMI co-founder and senior advisor Brad Cleveland uses new material from the 3rd edition of Call Center Management on Fast Forward to illustrate the impact of the latest trends in customer service on the contact center, and how you can leverage your people, processes and technologies to provide value to your organization.

Driving Loyalty through "People First" Interaction

Wednesday, May 9th at 12:30PM, Pacific Time

Alon Waks, Director of Contact Center Marketing, Avaya

In a recent study, 46% of online consumers said that loyalty to companies is a thing of the past – and only 24% agreed they will stick with a brand they like. So here’s the secret: The ability to interact with your customers in a personal way in this multi-channel, self-service world is key to creating and maintaining their loyalty. In this session, you will hear best practices for delivering an intimate customer experience, and how you can put the customer at the context of every interaction.

CIAC Certification Information Session

Wednesday, May 9th at 1:30PM, Pacific Time

Todd Piccullo, Training and Certification Sales Director, ICMI

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CIAC Certification, managed by ICMI, will set your organization apart from competition as a market leader that actively demonstrates its commitment to developing and retaining a high performance workforce and customer service excellence in every aspect of your business. Attend and hear how CIAC Certification will increase the value and performance of contact center managers and leaders and their centers.

Emerging Technology Trends Impacting Customer Service

Thursday, May 10th at 10:30AM, Pacific Time

Laura Bassett, Director of Customer Experience Management and Emerging Technologies, Avaya

New communication channels and customer service trends are driving the requirement for businesses to consider how technology innovation can improve the customer experience. Join Laura Bassett, Avaya’s Director of Customer Experience Management and Emerging Technologies, as she shares her knowledge about some of the latest technology trends that are shaping the contact center. Discover how businesses are leveraging technology to improve day-to-day performance, manage the customer experience, and foster long term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Culture as a Catalyst for Success – Delivering an Elevated Experience

Thursday, May 10th at 11:30AM, Pacific Time

Ryan Estis, Chief Experience Officer, Ryan Estis & Associates

Successful brands serve as a promise about an experience that creates expectations in the hearts and minds of customers and employees. The ability to influence culture will define and determine the impact of your brand experience. In this impactful, high energy keynote, Ryan will examine how culture can be a catalyst for success. He will show how to communicate an increasingly authentic, differentiated and compelling value proposition and how your organization can deliver an elevated experience more consistently. Ryan will transform thinking by teaching organizations how to close the "expectations gap", own a unique and repeatable experience that promises to elevate emotional engagement and earn you BIG commitment from the people you care about the most.

Global Call Center of the Year Awards Ceremony

Thursday, May 10th at 12:30PM, Pacific Time

Layne Holley, Community Services Director, ICMI

Envelope please! Join ICMI as we name the winners of our 2012 Global Call Center of the Year Awards. Each year, our panel of expert judges looks at small-to-medium and large call and contact centers from all over the world to select the best of the best in practices and performance. Who will it be this year? We’ll also introduce you to the winners of the China Call Center of the Year Awards, and recognize award winners from around the globe who are attending ACCE.

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