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Ft.Lauderdale, FL | May 11-14, 2020
The Diplomat Resort

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Solutions Spotlight Sessions

Spotlight on What's Hot and Happening in the Contact Center World

Spotlight on What's Hot and Happening in the Contact Center World

Monday | 5:40 PM – 6:05 PM
Solutions Spotlight Theater
Fancy Mills, Todd Piccuillo

Sponsored by:
Join ICMI to learn what's hot and happening in the Contact Center world. We'll discuss trends, topics, training that everyone is talking about and how to get access to the tools to improve contact center operational and team performance.

Why 'The Exponential' of Emerging Technology Matters to You

Why 'The Exponential' of Emerging Technology Matters to You

Monday | 6:15 PM – 6:40 PM
Solutions Spotlight Theater
Alice Deer

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Our children have never used a phone booth and yet, we are still using business tools as if consumer behavior has remained the same over the last two decades. Come listen to to get a Fun and Fast reminder of why the shift in consumer behavior matters to you. Perhaps, getting hit in the back of the head with exponential change will help you change your mind about your customer strategy in the Roaring 20's.

How to Use Benchmarks to Drive Success

How to Use Benchmarks to Drive Success

Tuesday | 10:15 AM – 10:40 AM
Solutions Spotlight Theater
Justin Robbins

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In this session, contact center expert Justin Robbins will reveal the findings of Talkdesk's latest contact center benchmarking study and provide tips and tricks for how to best use benchmarks to drive results in your organization.

Customer Engagement – It's Personal for Customers AND Agents

Customer Engagement – It's Personal for Customers AND Agents

Tuesday | 10:50 AM – 11:15 AM
Solutions Spotlight Theater
Max Ball

Sponsored by:
The secret to a successful customer engagement is making the contact personal, when you show a customer that you know who they are and why they are reaching out, you solve the problems faster which is always the customer's first priority. For agents its personal too, when agents are connected with customers who have questions they can answer, and when agents get the training and feedback they need to do their job, their satisfaction raises, they don't churn, and they provide the best possible face for your organization, join us to understand what it takes to make every interaction personal for both the agent and the customer.

Elevating the Customer Experience at Hershey

Elevating the Customer Experience at Hershey

Tuesday | 1:15 PM – 1:40 PM
Solutions Spotlight Theater
Marco Ritchie, Jen Jackson

Sponsored by:
Serenova's VP of Customer Success, Jen Jackson, sits down with Marco Ritchie of Hershey's Workplace Solutions team to share real-life, practical advice for driving contact center innovation to deliver exceptional customer experiences. By eliminating silos of customer data in various systems, Hershey is focused on achieving organization-wide goals through the consolidation of disparate systems and an investment in cloud-based technologies. In this interactive session, Marco will also provide insights into how they made the transition to the cloud and share plans for continuing to future-proof their customer experience.

How to Deliver Personalized Experiences your Customers Expect

How to Deliver Personalized Experiences your Customers Expect

Wednesday | 10:15 AM – 10:40 AM
Solutions Spotlight Theater
Timothy Richter

Sponsored by:
How are companies like U-Haul and EZ Cater designing new and more efficient ways to interact with their customers free from the restrictions of pre-packaged software? What can they uniquely achieve from collaboration between the business unit and web developers? Join us to learn how Twilio is disrupting the contact center industry with a 100% programmable contact center platform. You'll come away with a new appreciation for the power of programmability to delight

Creating and Measuring Great Omnichannel Journeys

Creating and Measuring Great Omnichannel Journeys

Wednesday | 10:50 AM – 11:15 AM
Solutions Spotlight Theater
Ted Hunting

Sponsored by:
Bright Pattern
As much as the term "omnichannel" has been used—and overused—it is surprising that so few companies are actually offering it. In this era of business disruption, effortless personal omnichannel is the key to winning yet Gartner estimates that only five percent of companies today are offering true omnichannel. So how do you get started? This session will give you the keys to getting started with omnichannel and specific ways to measure and ensure a consistent experience across all channels.

Give Your Agents Something They Actually Need - A True 360° Customer View

Give Your Agents Something They Actually Need - A True 360° Customer View

Wednesday | 11:25 AM – 11:50 AM
Solutions Spotlight Theater
M-C Reid

Sponsored by:
Your agents lack the single most important element of providing great CX – a true 360° customer view. In this session, learn how to deliver a technology enabled, content driven, and customer focused view that empowers agents with the data and insights needed to deliver amazing CX.

Fostering Customer Loyalty - How WMPH Equips Agents for Success

Fostering Customer Loyalty - How WMPH Equips Agents for Success

Wednesday | 12:00 PM – 12:25 PM
Solutions Spotlight Theater
Jason Wieser

Sponsored by:
Every time customers contact you, it's an opportunity -- to make a new sale, or to address an issue and make customers happy. How can you ensure these opportunities translate to success? Discover how WMPH fostered customer loyalty, and their company's success, by equipping their agents for success. Upon realizing their legacy contact center solution hampered their mission of "making people happy", WMPH set out to remove the roadblock. Discover how they addressed their challenges using a cloud-based solution that equips them to deliver an outstanding customer experience, every time.

Improving Customer Experience and Agent Morale- An onPeak Case Study

Improving Customer Experience and Agent Morale- An onPeak Case Study

Wednesday | 12:35 PM – 1:00 PM
Solutions Spotlight Theater
John Hunt, Murph Krajewski

Sponsored by:
Sharpen Technologies
onPeak, the world's leading provider of accommodations for the events industry recently overhauled their customer experience transitioning to a cloud-based, omni-channel platform. Join Senior Director of Operations, John Hunt, as he discusses their initiative and incredible results including: a 95% customer satisfaction rating, 75% hold times reduction, expenses cut by a third, improved employee morale & agent sick time cut by 60%. Listen in as Sharpen's Murph Krajewski talks to John to uncover the tactics he used to improve their customer, and agent, experience while improving the efficiency in other departments in the organization.

Attendee Testimonials

What Attendees Are Saying About Contact Center Expo


I loved it! It was my first ICMI conference and I learned something useful every single day! Most of all I loved having the chance to talk "shop" with other centers to learn best practices.

Jo Henry
Team Captain , Dorel Juvenile

Attending the ICMI Conference provides the ability to meet others who share the challenges inherent in Contact Centers. It is informative and an opportunity to share knowledge and "war stories".

Claire Neumann
Customer Service Manager , The General Insurance

By attending as a group, we were able to attend different sessions during each block and share our notes in order to get the most out of the conference.

Evan Watson
Documentation Specialist , AICPA

This conference was a game changer for me. There were so many concepts around metrics and coaching that we have been trying to implement, and those same concepts were discussed here. I was able to take what we have already done, mix in some of these amazing ideas from the conference, and build something that will totally change our contact center for the better!

Haley Birdyshaw
Sponsor and Donor Relations Operations Analyst , Compassion International

There is always something we can do better to help our customers and it is good to share best practices with others that live in your world.

Kathy Liatos
Member Services Manager , Christian Care Ministries

I learned so much and I have come back to my contact center with new enthusiasm and great ideas for improvement.

Lonnie Gridley
Contact Center Director , Progressive Finance

This was my first ICMI conference and I was very impressed with this event. The keynotes were relevant and amazing; the venue was well organized and used very well; the sessions were valuable not only from content but from crowd participation. I couldn't have picked a better conference to attend for my first contact center conference.

Matthew Bingham
Sr. Manager Customer Care, Technology Services , J. J. Keller & Associates

Attending the ICMI Contact Center Expo & Conference is an extremely worthwhile and energizing experience. I can't recommend it enough!

Michelle Wedding
Associate Manager , Mead Johnson

ICMI conference is a wonderful opportunity to learn about new technology, network with my peers.

Nancy Ellis
Network/Telecommunications Analyst , Vectren Corporation

This was my third straight year attending and I've come away with pages of notes to share with my team when I return. I get so much from the sessions and site tours that all the other stuff feels like a bonus.

Nicholas Woltring
Director of Customer Service , National Guardian Life Insurance

The ICMI Contact center expo and Conference provided me with not only the opportunity to network with peers in the industry, but also provided me the opportunity to stay current with industry hot topics and solutions. ICMI is one of my go to resources for all things contact center related.

Tina Domer
Customer Care Manager , Restaurant Technologies, Inc.

The speakers and sessions were very informative and the conference was extremely well-organized. Just enough time in each session/presentation! Well done ICMI!

Trenyse Briggs
Business Development Manager , Convey Health Solutions

I have been attending these conferences over 8 years and each time they are more informative and enjoyable. I always bring action items back to the agency.

Esther Edmonds
Contact Center Manager , U.S. Government Printing Office

The conference was so valuable; I learned a great deal and made some excellent connections.

Cortney Jonas Burnos
Workforce Management Director , CareCentrix

"Everybody is really happy to share. There's no real competitors here. It's all about sharing knowledge."

Luke Jamieson
Head of Member Services , UniSuper

"This conference was well organized, had excellent speakers, and an engaged audience."

Lindsay Zarr
Customer Solutions Manager , North American Bancard

"Breakout sessions were very informative and learnings can be applied immediately to improve my business."

Rob Ryan
VP Member Services , Life Lock

“The quality of the speakers was excellent and the relevance of the topics was spot on. The keynote speakers were great also. I definitely feel I got my money's worth.”

Susan Litt
Customer Service Manager , Green Shield Canada

"By far the most comprehensive, well planned and content rich contact center event I have ever been a part of."

Luke Jamieson
Head of Member Services , UniSuper

"One of the best conferences I have attended."

Jennifer High
VP Contact Center , Transamerica

“ACCE [Contact Center Expo] has motivated and inspired me to improve myself as a leader in my organization and to help cultivate and encourage myself to help others improve upon themselves as well. I had such as awesome time! The people I met were so friendly and eager to offer help/advise!”

Candace Estanique
Coordinator , Straub Clinic & Hospital

“We have worked with ICMI in the past and had good experiences. [The conference] delivered more than I expected and was so relevant for me and my current position. This was the first conference I have attended since becoming the supervisor of our contact center and it gave me an awesome opportunity to network with people, to learn how people become successful at this job and to see what is available.”

Kelli Detty
Contact Center Supervisor , LES

“The opportunity to learn from others is invaluable. There are so many companies represented, that we are able to learn from each other without worrying about giving away trade secrets! Being able to see how others use their technology is a huge plus- it's nice to hear the challenges others have faced and the creative ways they used the technology.”

Lindsey Weems
Call Center Manager , Pepsi Bottling Ventures

“The conference was well organized and provided a variety of training sessions that I found very valuable. I enjoyed the keynote speakers, as well as being able to discuss best practices with my peers from other call centers.”

Sherri Bramwell
Quality Manager , OptumRx

“Given the opportunity, I will plan to attend again and will encourage others in my area of responsibility to attend as well.”

Sharon Cole
Sr. Analyst , Verizon

“Having the opportunity to learn and share in a variety of settings, whether in a classroom setting that is interactive, networking with peers, or on the exhibit floor by seeing demos and squeezing in another session to take away, culminated into a wonderful experience.”

Steve Wilson
Customer Service Supervisor , Grant & Weber

"You get a lot of feedback and interaction not only from speakers but from your peers. There's a lot of exponential learning and for me that's the enjoyable part of the show."

Dan Blattler
, Cox Communication

It was so well orchestrated and organized and it has such a variety of topics to choose from that no matter what your needs or interests are you will find it at the ICMI conference."

Dawn Mangelsen
, DealerTrack Technologies

"It was amazing to be around so many people in the industry. It was exciting and invigorating. To share my perspective and to get so many other perspectives helped me learn and grow."

Jenny Dempsey

The content was great, the speakers were well prepared and shared relevant information, everything was so well organize and ran so smoothly.

Ruth Hansen
Contact Center Director , TwinStar Credit Union

"A great opportunity to understand emerging issues and trends, technical possibilities, and real-life examples of centers and issues.”

Marc Hassen
Claims Services Director , Auto Club Group

"I really enjoy seeing what other organizations are doing to meet customer expectations. Through the experiences of others, we learn how our business can best adopt new technology and methods of servicing customers to remain competitive."

Kevin Walker
Customer Care Section Manager , Volkswagen Credit

“The quality of the presenters was very good and I learned a lot of valuable takeaways. I have 3 pages of typed notes.”

Jessica Zupfer
Phone Bank Manager , Bremer Financial

"Quality was a great take away and social networking too. I have come back with a lot of new quality documentation procedures that I want to start in my center."

Cynthia Brittain
Customer Contact Center Manager , Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission

"The environment at ICMI conferences is so refreshingly real - very different from other events. I learned so much by talking with the diverse attendees."

Serena Daly
Supervisor, Customer Care Sales and Retention , eHealthInsurance Services, Inc

"The keynote presentations were awesome!"

Suzan Gallion
Vice President , RBFCU

"I became a groupie of Lori Bocklund's sessions because I liked her topics and style of presentation so much. She is a wonderful speaker!"

Liz Hansen
IT Technologist , Medtronic

"I met some really great peers and loved the opportunity to share experiences with them."

Coreen Gaffney
Director, Customer Care Team , The Hanover Group

"Networking was tremendous and John Goodman and Joe Bannon are true assets to emerging technology and best practices."

Jason Kean
Manager, Service Assurance ,

"I enjoyed the opportunity to meet others in similar fields or facing similar challenges in their contact centers."

Christine Paeplow
Client Services Manager , Harland Clarke

"The conference sessions were great, and so interactive!"

Mariana Kenny
Quality Assurance Analyst , Entrust Energy

"Lori Bocklund - My favorite presenter in a session - smart, funny and filled with great information. Please keep her on the rotation of speakers at your future conferences."

Jennifer Stowell
Sales Support Supervisor , REI

"I really enjoyed the reception in the exhibit hall as this was a great way to network and see the various products that were available."

Kim Singh
Operations Manager , E-Comm 911