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In the midst of the day-to-day fire drills inherent in most contact centers, making time to consider strategic issues can be a challenge for contact center leaders. This program offers the perfect opportunity to step back and evaluate whether your current strategy is maximizing your potential. Sessions in this track will highlight key success factors for centers small and large, including tips to get the recognition, respect, and funding your center needs.

Session 105

Channel Check: The Path to Omnichannel in the Contact Center

Tuesday | 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Location: Conference Hotel
Scott Sachs

As the number of customer contact channels and self-service options increase, so does the need for a streamlined, unified customer experience. By developing a functional omnichannel strategy, contact centers can build a customer experience that meets the growing demands of their customers. In this session, Scott Sachs will map out the path toward a fully optimized omnichannel strategy -- people, process, and technology -- that successfully streamlines all customer channels.

Session 205

Leaning Into Agent Experience: Elevate Your CX With a Deliberate Focus on AX

Tuesday | 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
Location: Conference Hotel
Rebecca Roemen

Organizations are increasingly aware of the fact that they are competing on experience more than any other factor; but how do we create these great customer experiences? With Agent Experience, of course! Agent Experience is impacted by how much your Contact Center employees feel empowered, efficient, effective and appreciated. Join this session to learn how leading in Agent Experience will drive a winning Customer Experience. Plus, walk away with tactical advice to begin creating a stellar AX for your organization!

Session 305

MOOving on up - The Story of Growth From An Award Winning Contact Center

Tuesday | 2:45 PM – 4:15 PM
Location: Conference Hotel
Daniel Moross, Doreen Berard

Join Dan and Doreen as they share how MOO grew their contact center from 1-to-100 people in a short period of time, winning awards, gaining super-fan customers and maintaining high employee engagement along the way. They will share the highs and lows, the mistakes and learnings from their journey from a small to a medium contact center. Expect to hear about a variety of areas - from people & culture to policy & process, from systems & metrics to voice of the customer. You will walk away with Inspiration, ideas, tips and challenges associated with: building an engaging culture, that lasts as you grow; selecting and onboarding new software and systems; sharing customer insight from the contact center with the rest of your business capturing, tracking and utilizing customer feedback and CS metrics.

Session 405

Collaborate and Listen - Breaking Down Silos in Your Organization

Tuesday | 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Location: Conference Hotel
Todd Hixson, Michael Kohutich

Most contact centers get internal visitors periodically, but very few take full advantage of the opportunity this affords. In this interactive session you'll hear how Hulu developed an actual learning plan to reflect the culture and business importance of the contact center. Learn how to break down silos and create an atmosphere where folks want to visit the call center, and where agents want to partner with other parts of the company. Discover how to frame contact center KPIs in ways others can relate to, and effectively illustrate the intricacies and challenges involved in providing excellent customer service. You will walk away with an action plan to improve partnership across the organization and increase engagement for your agents while solving for your customers in a truly collaborative light.

Session 505

Preparing Your Agents for Threatening, Accusatory, and Emergency Calls

Wednesday | 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
Location: Conference Hotel
Andrew Gilliam

The beauty of working in a contact center is that every contact is unique and unpredictable, but some callers go completely off script by threatening self-harm or mass violence, accusing the organization of criminal activity, and even reporting discrimination or sexual harassment. Are your agents prepared to take the appropriate action? Join Andrew Gilliam in a discussion about how to prepare your agents for when callers inevitably cross the line from challenging to emergency. In this session, attendees will share their personal stories about critical contacts and together well formulate the best methods for preparing agents to respond.

Session 605

Build a Compelling Business Case: Maximizing the Impact of Your Voice of the Customer

Wednesday | 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM
Location: Conference Hotel
John Goodman

ecent research into Voice of the Customer revealed that most VoC programs are missing four critical factors: integrating quality as a key part of the CX team; moving beyond touchpoint data; measuring the impact of VoC specifically; and, critically, developing a revenue-based business case to communicate the potential value of a VoC program. In this session, John Goodman will dissect the key findings of this study and introduce five key questions contact center leaders must ask themselves as they embark on their VoC journey. Armed with the answers to these questions, you can build a compelling case for that secures leadership buy-in, maximizes your program, and reinforces the business value of your contact center as a whole.

Session 705

Building a World-Class Agent Experience Program

Wednesday | 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Location: Conference Hotel
Chris Hanna

In recent years, the primary focus in the contact center industry has been on improving the Customer Experience. What hasn't been adequately addressed is the role that Employee Experience and more specifically, Agent Experience has in driving CX. In this interactive session, you will learn about best practices and ways to build a mature Agent Experience program that's capable of delivering outstanding results. With the right leadership, people, processes, and technology in place, a world-class Agent Experience program can ensure that service and support teams become a critical competitive advantage for any organization.

What our Attendees Are Saying

Attendee Testimonials

"This conference was well organized, had excellent speakers, and an engaged audience."

Lindsay Zarr
Customer Solutions Manager , North American Bancard

"Breakout sessions were very informative and learnings can be applied immediately to improve my business."

Rob Ryan
VP Member Services , Life Lock

“The quality of the speakers was excellent and the relevance of the topics was spot on. The keynote speakers were great also. I definitely feel I got my money's worth.”

Susan Litt
Customer Service Manager , Green Shield Canada

"One of the best conferences I have attended."

Jennifer High
VP Contact Center , Transamerica

“ACCE [Contact Center Expo] has motivated and inspired me to improve myself as a leader in my organization and to help cultivate and encourage myself to help others improve upon themselves as well. I had such as awesome time! The people I met were so friendly and eager to offer help/advise!”

Candace Estanique
Coordinator , Straub Clinic & Hospital

“We have worked with ICMI in the past and had good experiences. [The conference] delivered more than I expected and was so relevant for me and my current position. This was the first conference I have attended since becoming the supervisor of our contact center and it gave me an awesome opportunity to network with people, to learn how people become successful at this job and to see what is available.”

Kelli Detty
Contact Center Supervisor , LES

“The opportunity to learn from others is invaluable. There are so many companies represented, that we are able to learn from each other without worrying about giving away trade secrets! Being able to see how others use their technology is a huge plus- it's nice to hear the challenges others have faced and the creative ways they used the technology.”

Lindsey Weems
Call Center Manager , Pepsi Bottling Ventures

“The conference was well organized and provided a variety of training sessions that I found very valuable. I enjoyed the keynote speakers, as well as being able to discuss best practices with my peers from other call centers.”

Sherri Bramwell
Quality Manager , OptumRx

“Given the opportunity, I will plan to attend again and will encourage others in my area of responsibility to attend as well.”

Sharon Cole
Sr. Analyst , Verizon

“Having the opportunity to learn and share in a variety of settings, whether in a classroom setting that is interactive, networking with peers, or on the exhibit floor by seeing demos and squeezing in another session to take away, culminated into a wonderful experience.”

Steve Wilson
Customer Service Supervisor , Grant & Weber

It was so well orchestrated and organized and it has such a variety of topics to choose from that no matter what your needs or interests are you will find it at the ICMI conference."

Dawn Mangelsen
, DealerTrack Technologies

"It was amazing to be around so many people in the industry. It was exciting and invigorating. To share my perspective and to get so many other perspectives helped me learn and grow."

Jenny Dempsey

The content was great, the speakers were well prepared and shared relevant information, everything was so well organize and ran so smoothly.

Ruth Hansen
Contact Center Director , TwinStar Credit Union

"A great opportunity to understand emerging issues and trends, technical possibilities, and real-life examples of centers and issues.”

Marc Hassen
Claims Services Director , Auto Club Group

"I really enjoy seeing what other organizations are doing to meet customer expectations. Through the experiences of others, we learn how our business can best adopt new technology and methods of servicing customers to remain competitive."

Kevin Walker
Customer Care Section Manager , Volkswagen Credit

“The quality of the presenters was very good and I learned a lot of valuable takeaways. I have 3 pages of typed notes.”

Jessica Zupfer
Phone Bank Manager , Bremer Financial

"Quality was a great take away and social networking too. I have come back with a lot of new quality documentation procedures that I want to start in my center."

Cynthia Brittain
Customer Contact Center Manager , Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission

"The environment at ICMI conferences is so refreshingly real - very different from other events. I learned so much by talking with the diverse attendees."

Serena Daly
Supervisor, Customer Care Sales and Retention , eHealthInsurance Services, Inc

"The keynote presentations were awesome!"

Suzan Gallion
Vice President , RBFCU

"I became a groupie of Lori Bocklund's sessions because I liked her topics and style of presentation so much. She is a wonderful speaker!"

Liz Hansen
IT Technologist , Medtronic

"I met some really great peers and loved the opportunity to share experiences with them."

Coreen Gaffney
Director, Customer Care Team , The Hanover Group

"Networking was tremendous and John Goodman and Joe Bannon are true assets to emerging technology and best practices."

Jason Kean
Manager, Service Assurance ,

"I enjoyed the opportunity to meet others in similar fields or facing similar challenges in their contact centers."

Christine Paeplow
Client Services Manager , Harland Clarke

"The conference sessions were great, and so interactive!"

Mariana Kenny
Quality Assurance Analyst , Entrust Energy

"Lori Bocklund - My favorite presenter in a session - smart, funny and filled with great information. Please keep her on the rotation of speakers at your future conferences."

Jennifer Stowell
Sales Support Supervisor , REI

"I really enjoyed the reception in the exhibit hall as this was a great way to network and see the various products that were available."

Kim Singh
Operations Manager , E-Comm 911