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Dallas, TX | October 12-14, 2020
Dallas Sheraton

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Master Your Metrics

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Learn the latest approaches to analytics, customer effort measurement, ROI, big data, and communicating results.

Session 101

Are Your Performance Targets on Target?

Tuesday | 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM
Columbus GH
Jeff Rumburg

Setting performance targets is crucial for managing and measuring contact center performance, but fewer than 50% of contact centers have assigned performance targets for their KPIs. Using a downloadable template and industry benchmarks for FCR, cost per contact, customer satisfaction and service levels, attendees at this interactive workshop will leave with a unique set of performance targets based on industry benchmarks! Jeff will also share a case study from one of the largest retail banks in the world on how performance targets transformed both the culture and performance of their contact center.

Session 201

How to Find Your Most Meaningful Metrics

Tuesday | 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Columbus GH
Justin Robbins

Are you someone who's trying to fight your way through piles of data in search of the metrics that matter most? Or perhaps you want to understand why your current metrics aren't working for you. You're not alone! Identifying the most appropriate and meaningful metrics for your center – and more importantly, using the data to drive improvement – are ubiquitous challenges for contact center leaders. This enlightening session will provide invaluable insight on the best metrics for managing a contact center and hear why certain popular metrics are terribly ineffective at driving meaningful results.

Session 301

Ask the Experts: Mastering Your Metrics

Tuesday | 3:45 PM – 4:45 PM
Columbus GH
Justin Robbins, Todd Hixson, Jeff Rumburg

Everyone has questions about metrics, but they don't always know where to go to get answers. Enter our three metrics masters! If you've ever wondered about averages and ranges for some of the industry's top KPIs or looked for better ways to diagnose performance gaps, this is the session for you. We'll focus on a range of concepts, including the link between metrics and business outcomes, metrics and continuous improvement, the cause-and-effect relationship between KPIs, metrics, and accountability, and metrics as a diagnostic tool for continuous improvement. Fast-paced and packed with valuable insight, this session will help you better leverage your metrics to drive strategic value for the business.

Session 401

Tell Us How You Really Feel: Customer Satisfaction Is Not Enough

Wednesday | 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM
Columbus GH
Roy Atkinson

This highly interactive session will explore how to best gauge customer sentiment about your customer service interactions, and consider the various popular metrics to measure success, including Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort (CES), and Net Promoter® (NPS™). Explore the common misperceptions about survey results, how to determine the "right" questions, ways to elicit verbatim (Voice of the Customer) feedback, how to avoid survey fatigue and more. Return to your center with a fresh perspective on your survey strategy and how to put it to work for improvement.

Session 501

How 3 Award-Winning Teams Leverage Contact Center KPIs for Success

Wednesday | 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Columbus GH
Megan Selva, Jerri Pigg-Shoemake, Rocky Buchta

If most contact centers use a similar set of metrics to drive performance, why are some centers more successful than others? What are the most successful teams doing differently? We're on a mission to answer this question, and we've enlisted our ICMI Global Contact Center Award winners to help! Featuring insights from three award-winning contact centers, attend this session to learn how the most successful contact centers leverage metrics and KPIs to provide high-quality, efficient service. Get a glimpse into how they use metrics and KPIs to drive success, foster employee engagement, development, and retention, as well as refine their approaches to performance management, communication, and collaboration.

Session 601

Debating Data: The Role of FCR in the 21st-Century Contact Center

Wednesday | 3:45 PM – 4:45 PM
Columbus GH
Roy Atkinson, Al Hopper

First contact resolution (FCR) is one of the most common contact center metrics, across all channels. Tracked over time, it can increase customer satisfaction and enable efficiency and cost savings. But it can be challenging to track and should be treated with caution. In today's omnichannel environment, does FCR still have the same value, or is it time to move on? In this session, Roy Atkinson and Al Hopper will discuss and debate the role of FCR in the 21st-century contact center. Come with an open mind and be ready to weigh in with your verdict!