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Dallas, TX | October 12-14, 2020
Dallas Sheraton

2019 Drive Your Customer Experience Sessions

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The inside scoop on customer experience, surveys, loyalty, journey mapping, and customer satisfaction.

Session 105

The Power of Modernized UI: Improving the Employee Experience While Cutting Costs [CASE STUDY]

Tuesday | 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM
Columbus EF
Danielle Maravelas

Legacy software systems are outdated, complex and slow, contributing to lengthy training times, low employee satisfaction and higher average handle times – and yet many call centers are still using them. When Logistics Health decided that it was time to re-imagine their contact center operation, they began with understanding their users. Discover how user-centered design helped them reduce training times, attrition and average handle times while ultimately improving both the employee and customer experience. Learn how modernizing your UI can make a significant positive business impact.

Session 205

Fantastic Bots and How to Build Them

Tuesday | 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Columbus EF
Kaye Chapman

There's a lot of buzz around chatbots, but most organizations don't know how or where to start, and can be scared off by well-publicized chatbot fails. Most of the time the real culprit is not the technology, but a lack of planning by chatbot owners. In this interactive session, we'll help you create a plan for chatbot implementation in your contact center to ensure that you can build a service that's effective for you, and helpful for your customers. You'll leave with an understanding of the key considerations to help any new chatbot service earn five-star ratings instead of complaints.

Session 305

How to Deliver Consistent Communication in an Omnichannel World

Tuesday | 3:45 PM – 4:45 PM
Columbus EF

In the rush to respond to customers in their channel of choice, we're not getting our stories straight. Whether it's giving customers different answers between channels, discrepancies in response times or writing styles, inconsistent communication increases contact volume, exhausts agents, and fractures the customer experience. Instead of giving omnichannel service, we're giving omni-answer service, and it's causing big problems! Using real-world examples, this practical session will illustrate the four underlying causes of inconsistent communication and the resulting damage. Learn the four broad strategies for improving consistency and gain the tools to plan an initiative to improve consistency in your own organization.

Session 405

Sticking to Policy and Procedures Without Killing the Customer Experience

Wednesday | 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM
Columbus EF
Andrew Gilliam

Customer expectations are at an all-time high, but a barrage of regulations ties our hands. With every moment, new reasons to say "no" are constructed, and reasons to say "yes" are demolished. HIPPA! FERPA! PCI-DSS! We must obey the law. We must protect our organization. We must serve our customers. How can we do all three, without killing the customer experience? Andrew Gilliam routinely navigates the mine field of policies, procedures, and federal law to deliver Amazing Customer Service and Technical Support™. In this compelling session, you'll learn to develop customer-first compliance training, protect customers' assets and emotions, and say "no" without starting a fight.

Session 505

Learning in Real-Time: Stopping Complaints Before They Happen [CASE STUDY]

Wednesday | 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Columbus EF

We all know the importance of harnessing and acting on feedback to improve the customer experience. But should we really be waiting for our customers to tell us when we have gaps in training or broken processes? This interactive session invites you to take a critical look at your CX or quality program and decide whether you're getting critical insights where and when you truly need them. We'll share best practices and explore approaches to real-time intelligence gathering and preventing problems before they become bigger. Discover actionable ideas on quick-wins or strategic steps you can take to move toward learning and preventing problems in real-time.

Session 605

Mapping the Employee Experience to Improve the Customer Experience

Wednesday | 3:45 PM – 4:45 PM
Columbus EF
Neal Dlin

Many organizations are doing an incredible job of mapping customer journeys, but most have yet to map out their employee journeys. Instead, those journeys are left to chance; they're a byproduct of a business-driven approach, not a purpose-driven one. Do you have employee journeys mapped in your organization? Are they purpose-driven? In this interactive session, learn how mapping the employee experience can help you achieve remarkable employee outcomes—lower attrition, lower absenteeism, higher engagement—and also improve the customer experience.