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Employee Engagement Optimization

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Employee engagement in the contact center industry is regarded as one of the most important factors in a successful operation. Agent engagement has an effect on every metric on the dashboard, and plays a major role in attrition rates, meaning that poor employee engagement can be costly. Partner with ICMI's Consulting team and we'll work with you to create a more motivated and proactive workforce that drives the value of your contact center within the organization.

Create better supervision and coaching, which ultimately leads to reduced attrition rates and higher efficiency.
Develop a better understanding of hiring and retaining contact center employees across all levels and roles.
Solidify a holistic view of quality assurance that accounts for all factors effecting employee performance and satisfaction.
Put methods in place to ensure sustained contact center productivity within the workforce across the organization's lifetime.


ICMI consulting will help you bring your contact center's employees up to peak efficiency. Learn more about the specific processes and procedures involved in this consulting solution by downloading the brochure:

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