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Best Practices Assessments

Call Center Assessment

ICMI's Contact Center Best Practices Assessment provides customers with a holistic review and analysis of contact center processes and systems, along with recommendations for improvement. This time-tested assessment process and our industry-leading contact center consultants will bridge the gap between your current and desired operational performance. No matter your challenges, you'll end up with a clear path to contact center best practices, tangible recommendations, and a business case analysis to support the findings.

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Contact Center Best Practices Assessments have three phases:

ICMI Contact Center Assessment - discovery phase icon

This step involves collecting and analyzing data across all relevant areas of the contact center to establish a baseline and prepare for the remainder of the assessment.


ICMI Contact Center Assessment Evaluation icon

During this phase, one or more ICMI consultants observe and review numerous elements of the contact center's operations, in addition to conducting staff interviews and focus groups.


ICMI Contact Center Consulting Analysis and Report icon

This final step includes analyses of all findings throughout the contact center assessment, and the creation of a report/presentation containing all information and recommendations.

Learn more about the specific processes, procedures, and capabilities of this robust contact center assessment by connecting with an ICMI expert.

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