Best Practices Assessments

A Comprehensive Assessment of Contact Center Best Practices.

A full Contact Center Best Practices Assessment provides customers with a holistic review and analysis of contact center processes and systems, followed by an in-depth report and recommendations for improvement. Best Practices Assessments begin with extensive remote pre-assessment data gathering, on-site observation, and general discovery, followed by off-site analysis and generation of a report and recommendations. The result is a comprehensive and highly-detailed gap analysis to contact center best practices, recommendations, prioritized corrective actions, and a fully mature business case analysis to support the findings.

Contact Center Best Practices Assessments have three phases:

Contact Center Best Practices discovery phase

Remote data gathering to prepare for the assessment.


Contact Center Best Practices evaluation phase

Onsite or virtual observations, reviews, multi-level staff interviews (agent through executives) focus groups, and general further discovery.


Contact Center Best Practices analysis and reporting phase

Review and analysis of discovery and data, and the generation of final materials.

Learn more by downloading the brochure:

ICMI Contact Center Best Practices Assessment brochure 



Not sure whether you need a full Best Practices Assessment or not?

Take the ICMI Contact Center Maturity Self Assessment - its a great place to start, and its free to use:

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